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What I Bought from Amazon in December

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Sharing my Amazon purchases from December! You guys seem to always love when I share my favorite finds! I will link all my previous posts at the end! Leave any of your favorite purchase in the comments as well. I love hearing what you guys have found too!

Stone Diffuser // Blue Blockers // Glass Beverage Bottles // 360 Rotating Cosmetics Case // Swim Coverup // Ice Roller // Bath Caddy // Makeup Brushes // Rose Gold Metal Hangers // Sports Bar // Set of 3 White Canisters // Phone Holder // Magnetic Month Calendar

Stone Diffuser //

This diffuser comes in 4 different colors and I love them all. I got the white. The design is beautiful and a modern look.

Blue Blockers //

Got these new blue blockers. I got the leopard print but love the crystal pair as well. They are under $20.

Glass Beverage Bottles //

These glass bottles are great to reuse for health drinks like juices, infused waters, and smoothies.

360 Rotating Cosmetics Case //

My beauty products were getting out of hand and so unorganized. I figured this would hold a lot but it exceeded my expectations- it holds a ton of makeup and it is all adjustable and customizable.

Swim Coverup //

We are heading on a trip with my parents and sisters so I started shopping and found this amazing cover-up. It is only $17 and will most likely sold out so grab it quick!

Ice Roller //

One of my favorite parts of my nightly routine. This roller helps shrink pores, brighten your skin and eliminate puffiness. I am going to start doing it in the morning too before I put on my makeup. It freezes in under 15 minutes.

Bath Caddy //

This is a knockoff of the Anthropologie caddy but only a faction of the cost!

Makeup Brushes //

I needed new makeup brushes so got rid of my old ones and started fresh! Love this set and how many you get!

Rose Gold Metal Hangers //

Got these hangers for a new clothing rack I ordered! 

Sports Bar //

This is super similar to my Lulu bra but on $16. It is a great fit and comes in a large variety of colors.

Set of 3 White Canisters //

These are great for the kitchen or bathrooms.

Phone Holder //

I got this a few weeks ago and love having it next to my bed.

Magnetic Month Calendar //

I need another form of a calendar to get me organized in January . I love this magnetic calendar and the simple design. It helps me organize all of Sutton’s school schedule.


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