Jun 4

Amazon Favorites // Volume 4

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I have another round up of Amazon favorites! These are items that are on repeat order (pb spread) or items that I have, use and get lots of questions on & highly recommend.

stainless steel straws // homebody book // apple airpods // pearl hair clips (8 pieces) // pb spread // studded bow flip flops // acv scalp scrub // ankle weights // salad chopper & bowl // pool bag // scalloped swim suit // shaved ice machine

stainless steel straws // Comes with larger bag & also a smaller bag so you can easily carry a couple in your purse.

apple airpods // $20 less than from Apple.

pb spread // I’ve never been an eat PB out of the jar person, but with this I am! It’s the perfect little sweet snack. I have a few spoonfuls everyday.

studded bow flip flops // Valentino dupses (identical)! Comfortable and fit true to size.

scalloped swim suit // Size up. Under $30! Seen here on my sisters and me.

pool bag // There’s never enough room in a pool bag, right? This one holds its shape for all of the things – toys, sunscreen, towels & a change of clothes.

shaved ice machine // Under $30! We broke this out on a hot day last week and the kids loved it. It’s super easy to make a great low sugar treat!

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I always love hearing your favorite Amazon must-haves too, so please share your repeat items!

xx Becky



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