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10 Tips for Building a Healthy Daily Routine

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1. Develop a Good Morning Routine

I’ve found that how I start my day can really impact how productive I am and how good I feel. I’ve had lots of different morning routines over the years, and I have found that ones that I start with a workout, some sort of stretching/meditation sets me up for a productive and positive day. It’s the perfect way to start off your healthy daily routine!

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2. Stay Hydrated

I constantly keep a huge bottle of water with me. If it is next to me, I will drink it. It is recommended to drink half of your weight in ounces per day. (If you are 100 lbs drink 50 ounces of water a day.)  If you are working out, I say drink more than that!

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3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I am definitely one of those people that has to have breakfast.  I’m usually hungry an hour or two after I have my morning coffee. I like to give myself at least 12 hours from the last thing I ate the night before until I eat next at breakfast.

If I need something quick before running I’ll have a Daily Harvest bowl with a green juice. If I’m eating after a workout, I like to sit down and enjoy my green protein smoothie, a banana pancake, and coffee. You can read more about what I eat for breakfast here.

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4. A Good Workout Shoe

A good workout shoe that is stylish yet supportive and comfortable is crucial to my workout and staying on track. Finish Line is always my first stop when shopping workout shoes. They seem to always have all the sought after brands and styles that sell out so fast elsewhere.

They have a HUGE selection of Adidas. I just got the Adidas UltraBOOST 19 shoe and they are SO comfortable. I have been a long time fan of the Adidas Ultraboost collection and this new release could be my favorite pair to date.

I love the minimal style. I wear them for my workout classes, walks, runs and just for running errands. And I love the flexibility with these shoes! With each step your foot is cradled and the Primeknit fabric stretches with your foot as you step.

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5. Keep Healthy Options on Hand

Have healthy snacks on hand at all times. I like to have a protein filled snack with me at all times. I tend to go for a pre-portioned bag of nuts, RX nut butter packs or even a pre-made protein shake.

Keep a stock of snacks in your purse, your car, and pantry so you always have options. That way when you start to get hungry and it’s not time to eat you have something to keep your energy levels and mood up throughout the day!

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6. Track Your Progress

I’ve mentioned this many times before but a  fitness watch is a great way to keep track of your progress, heart rate, and goals. I have used both the Garmin Fitness Tracker and Apple watch.

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7. Stretch and Foam Roll

Everyday post workout I aim to stretch 5 -10 mins. It is so good for your body! Working a foam rolling or stretching routine into your daily habits is great for your overall health.

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8. Let Yourself Indulge

I try to be pretty healthy when it comes to my diet and try to eat pretty clean during the week – aside from my Boom Chica popcorn addiction. On the weekend I let myself indulge.

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9. Take Vitamins Daily

I take my vitamins every morning with my breakfast. I like Care/of, probiotics, and B complex. Vitamins are essential to a healthy daily routine.

10. Schedule Early Morning Workouts

​The main thing that has helped me maintain a fitness routine is to schedule my workouts each day and get it in first thing. This way I have no excuse not to go. You will never regret a workout however you will regret not working out.

​I hope this helps get you started on building a healthy daily routine that works for you!

Becky xx

​A big thanks to Finish Line for sponsoring this post!



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  1. Hi Becky,

    Can you please tell me which vitamins, probiotics and complex B you are taking?