3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

One of Greyson’s favorite thing to eat for breakfast is Banana pancakes and bonus, I do too! I love that they are so simple, easy to make and super healthy – all natural! So many of you gals asked for the recipe so here it is! So easy!

I use to love making these pancakes and I totally forgot how good they are and healthy! My sister reminded me of them just recently and how my niece loves them! So glad she did, bc they are now Grey’s favorites!

Makes: 1 Serving


1 egg

1 Banana

3/4 cup of whole oats


1 // Put the banana in a bowl and mash with a fork.

2 //Add the eggs and mix until well combined

3 // Add whole oats and a dash cinnamon to the banana mix, and stir well. (And you can use gluten-free oats if you want them to be gluten-free.)

4 // Heat a skillet over a medium heat with a dash of non-stick spray or vegetable oil.

5 // Pour ¼ cup of the mixture into the skillet, cook on one side for about 1.5 minutes, then turn and cook on the other side for about 1 minute (or until golden brown on both sides)

You can serve (with or without maple syrup) and enjoy! I don’t add anything on them, I think they are sweet enough by themselves!

Do you guys want to see more of my recipes? 

Becky xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing – we will be trying these tomorrow morning! Love trying new healthy recipes for our family, and I would love to see more!

  2. I love these pancakes, I make them for my family too. Super easy to make and so yummy!

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