Aug 17

How I Balance Fitness and Being a Mom

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I get a lot of questions about how I balance staying in shape while being a mom, especially now that I have two kids. And while it definitely takes extra effort, I feel like I’m in good routine with both now. So for any other moms looking to do the same, here are my best tips for balancing the two.

Book classes in advance


I love group fitness classes and find that they push me and keep my body challenged. I try to get in a few a week. I like to schedule everything out on Fridays or Monday so I know the exact schedule of which classes I’m taking the following week. I’ll work them around other obligations and the kids’ schedule, and then put them in my planner so it’s like any other task on my calendar.

Small things add up


I think that one of the hardest things as a mom when it comes to fitness is thinking you always have to get in some huge workout. There’s not always time for that, I get it, so it’s all about small things adding up. Whether that’s doing pushups and burpees while your kids eat, going on walks with them, running around the yard and playing tag, or stretching while you’re all watching a movie.

** Tip – track your daily moments with a fitness tracker to see really how much you burn, even with the small activites. I love my apple watch for doing this. It lets me set movement goals, exercise goals and stand goals. Read what I use my apple watch for here. 

Ask for help


This took me a while to get, but it’s so important to ask for help! For me, staying in shape does so much for my sanity – it’s something I have to do to feel my best. So I don’t mind saying yes to people who offer to watch the kids or if Michael offers to take the kids while I go to a weekend class.


Do things as a family


Michael and I have always been an active couple, and we want the same for our family. We love going on long family walks or runs so the kids get outside while we get our workouts in (which is where a good stroller comes into play). Or playing sports in our yard after dinner, or going on hikes. This is such a great way to balance both at the same time while instilling a healthy lifestyle for the kids.

I’d love to hear from you! How do you balance both? Do you like these types of posts?

Becky xx

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  1. Love this post!! These leggings look amazing and I have such a hard time balancing working out with my baby and even more now that I’m pregnant! I do find it easier to workout at night once she’s gone to bed. I also love the small moves matter.. I don’t always get to get in a 30 or 60 min workout in, so I try to do 10 or 15 min here and there and they add up which is great! I also loooove using my Apple Watch to track it all! Thanks for tips!

    Xo, Steph