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How I Choose My Athleisure Wear

August 19, 2018



It’s been a while since I did a true athleisure post for you guys, and since I live in the style, I wanted to share one today. This is a typical outfit for me in the mornings when I’m heading to a workout or getting the kids ready. I love that athleisure is such an accepted style these days, because it’s so dang easy.

When I’m looking for athleisure, I usually like my pieces to have some sort of detail that makes them feel edgy or urban. That’s just the style I’m most drawn to. And this way, they feel less like straight gym wear – they pass off for the gym or street. Which is why I’m always into Adidas Originals. Most of their stuff has a street style vibe to it, while still being effective for workouts. They do athleisure like no one else, in my opinion, and I always feel effortless yet on-trend when wearing their stuff.

I recently picked out this cropped hoodie, these simple adidas sneakers, and this hat from the Adidas Originals collection at Nordstroms. You guys know I love Nordstroms in general, but they also have a huge selection of great athleisure wear. They also have the newest selection of Adidas Originals, and everything is affordable and versatile. I even like to pair a lot of the Adidas stuff with my Levi’s or other denim – the styles mix and match well.


So if you’re into athleisure like me, definitely check out the Adidas Originals inventory at Nordstrom. I think you guys will love! And stay tuned as Nordstrom releases a new street/sport style concept rolling out in 50 stores this month.


Becky xx


A big thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own. 


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