May 15

Amazon Favorites // Home Decor

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I’ve been thinking about my summer home refresh and have been doing a lot of browsing on Amazon. So many good finds that I wanted to dedicate an Amazon favorites post to just home decor!

modern charcuterie board // wood charcuterie board // pillow // chanel book // bone storage box // marble frame // marble bookends // velvet pink side chair // fern drop in // rattan bowl // white pot // glass jewelry box

modern charcuterie board & wood charcuterie board // I love these boards. Etu is a European company that makes beautiful pieces. These boards are a large size and they look great as decor propped in the kitchen and of course are perfect for charcuterie.

pillow // I get asked about my pom pillows all the time and found this great option and they are under $30!

bone storage box // This storage box & the glass jewelry box are great pieces for bookshelves, side tables, dressers & nightstands. They function but also work well for layering with a stack of books.

marble bookends // These are perfect for book shelves – neutral but brings some dimension. You can use them for 1 row of books, or I like the look of splitting them up. Use the side of a book case for 1 edge and then 1 bookend for the other side. Doing this in 2 different spots on a big bookcase helps carry consistency throughout.

velvet pink side chair // This is a smaller side chair that works great for a corner or a desk.

fern drop in // Drop ins are always great to have on hand and be able to change the look of your pots/vases. This maiden hair comes in 2 sizes depending on the size of your pot. Adding in plants (even faux) is a must in my decor each season!

rattan bowl // I thought this rattan bowl was really pretty and has great texture. Perfect fruit basket for the kitchen island or counter.

white pot // This white pot comes in a few shapes & sizes. It works to put greenery coming out of it, or can be left as is on a mantle or counter. Pottery is a classic decor piece and having a few bigger pieces like these creates good balance.

What are some of your favorite Amazon decor finds?



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  1. Love the pink side chair! I have it and I’m using it as desk / office chair!