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Amazon Healthy Food & Pantry Favorites

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I’ve been doing more & more pantry shopping on Amazon & have been impressed with their variety of healthy foods. I’m always look for good snack options & other staples to have in our pantry. Sharing our current family favorites!

truwoman protein bars // rx bars // cashew butter // peanut butter powder // chia seeds // beanfields chips // veggie chips // siete lime tortilla chips // gg Scandinavian thins // mushroom hot cacao // keto cocoa // nuts n’ more // low sugar gummy bears // syrup // banza chickpea pasta // palmini pasta // paleo thin wraps

truwoman protein bars & rx bars: These are always in our pantry. When I’m heading out for errands, or just when I know I’ll be out & about for awhile, I have throw one in my bag for a healthy snack option. Kids love them too.

cashew butter: These packs are also great for on the go (does come in jar too). Yummy to spread on an apple or celery, or eat right out of the pouch for a protein boost. I always pack these in my carry on and reach for these on the plane instead of the snacks they hand out.

peanut butter powder & chia seeds: These 2 are a staple in the breakfast smoothie I make every morning. 2 tbsp of pb powder & 1 tbsp of chia seeds.

beanfields chips: A healthy version of Doritos and I LOVE how these taste. Great with salsa or guac- I have these on subscription so they are always in the pantry!

veggie chips: We are a big chip family. I love salty snacks and love these chips!

siete lime tortilla chips: I just got hooked on Siete products. The chips are vegan, gluten free and grain free. We eat a lot of mexican and make guac almost every day so having this healthy option on hand it great! My mom is gluten free so having options for her is nice!

gg Scandinavian thins : I use gg thins to make ‘avocado toast’. You have probably seen it on my IG stories, but I just spread avocado on top, slice up cherry tomatoes to add, top with a feta cheese crumbles & then sprinkle on a little seasoning.

mushroom hot cacao: So many great benefits of mushrooms! and while some people don’t like to eat them you can get them in a cacao! Tastse like a spicy hot chocolate. I usually have one in the afternoon or evening before bed when I am craving something sweet!

keto cocoa: I discovered this also on amazon and another good hot chocolate. you can readh all the health benefits! It’s also good as a chocolate coffee creamer!

nuts n’ more: this stuff is sooooo good! my fav dessert. I just eat it with a spoon! My favorite flavor is salted caramel. Warning – it is so addicting!

low sugar gummy bears: Low in sugar, high in fiber. I’ll grab a few for a mid afternoon pick me up, Michael likes them & so do the kids.

syrup: I use this low cal yet super delicious syrup on my banana pancakes. The maple pecan is so yummy!

banza chickpea pasta: The kids love this pasta. My kids don’t eat gluten free, but we still choose gluten free options.

palmini pa

sta: Tried these for the first time recently and really like them. I boiled the contents of the can for 10 min., drained & then added olive oil, Trader Joe’s onion salt seasoning, crumbled goat cheese & ground turkey. It tasted like pasta! Would be good with marinara sauce, or prepared however you like your pasta.

paleo thin wraps: I use these for wraps & to make personal sized pizzas on.

Do you do any grocery shopping on Amazon? What are your favorite finds?

xx Becky



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  1. I always love all of your picks. The Alo leggings and the Free People jeans look fabulous on you. So many great options! Thank you!

  2. Wow! What a perfect roundup! Love love love your pics and styling tips.

  3. Loved this post! So helpful and so many great ideas. Love the cashmere cardigan styling and the bp cardigan. Can’t wait to shop!