Wellness Wednesday // Inside My Morning Routine

February 12, 2020

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! I have some really exciting content planned for this series and happy it’s back! If you have anything you want me to talk about each Wednesday regarding anything fitness, health, recipes, etc just leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

I always love reading other people morning routine and how everyones mornings can we so different. Today, I am taking you inside my morning routine and how family spending the first few hours of each day. This is typically how my weekdays go and with Sutton now in Kindergartner it stays more on track but it does vary depending on the day and especially with all our house projects going on.


I am a creature of habit and love a routine. This is has been pretty much my routine for the last few years it’s become a little more strict with specific times due to getting Sutton out the door on time for Kindergarten. Before with childcare we could be a little more flexible. I love waking up early and getting my workout done before the kids wake up. I get it out of the way and its such a positive way to start my day and do something for myself. I try to drink 2 32oz water bottles by the time I arrive back at the house. When I get home the kids have woken up and Michael is starting breakfast. All four of us spend time together either eatings or playing. I go hop in the shower and depending on what day it is I will wash my hair or add hair perfume and freshen up. I allow my hair to air dry to avoid tons of hot tools. It’s then time to get the kids to school. Michael does school drop off while I pick up the house and make my protein shake. If you have been following for a while now, you know I have this shake every morning. I then sit down and get to work and before I know it the morning is over!




5:15 // My alarm goes off & I get right out of bed.

5:20 //  I put on my workout clothes,  brush teeth and fill up this water-bottle.

5:25 //  I put my shoes on, grab keys & mat and head out the door.

6:00 // Workout class (varies on the day)

7:00 // Workout class finishes,  finish my 32 oz bottle of water while driving home.

7:15/7:20 //  I arrive home, at this time my kids are up and eating breakfast. We play, clean up breakfast and pack Sutton’s school lunch.

7:40 // I shower and if I am washing my hair that day I let it air dry and I get dressed for the day.

8:00 //  I fix Sutton’s hair and get both kids shoes on.

8:15 // We load the kids in the car for daycare and kindergartner and Michael drops them off.

8:30 // While they are gone I pick up the house, make my protein shake.

8:45 / 8:50 //  I then sit down and go thru emails, eat breakfast (Michael makes me either eggs or banana pancakes, and I enjoy lots of coffee.

9:20 //  I prepare notes for our Cella Jane Team meeting and fill up another water bottle.

9:30 // The Cella Jane team arrives. We discuss meeting notes, delegate tasks and brainstorm idea for the blog.

10:00 // I make sure the days blog post is live and I publish several new like.to.know.it posts.

10:30 // Then I spend the rest of the morning checking emails,  reviewing contracts and communicating with manager.


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  1. Love hearing about daily routines! Especially with the reality of getting young kids out the door. I’m trying to get myself motivated to get up and exercise before the kids get up. Would love to hear your evening routine/meals & bedtime! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I love a good morning routine, and being in graduate school right now, I feel like I have to mix everything up because class work, etc.
    This is a good visual for someone like me to practice! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love this series! Will you do a post with your go-to weeknight meals when you need to throw something together & don’t have time for a recipe? Always love your meal ideas!