My Travel Must Haves + Kids Travel Must Haves

February 13, 2020

Today we’re headed out on our winter family vacation! The kids have off the next 4 days of school (+ the weekend) for conferences & Presidents Day, so we’re taking full advantage and escaping the cold! We have a long travel day ahead and I wanted to share what we have with us; our travel must haves.

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Travel days obviously look different depending on if the kids are with us but my must-haves don’t change. I’m sharing what my go to’s always are and then below what the kids must haves are. As the kids have got older their list has changed a little, but their list still boils down to entertainment & snacks! My list is basically all about the c’s; comfort, convenience, cleanliness.




1. Travel Backpack (in caramel) 2. Packing Cubes 3. Luggage

4. Oversized Cardigan 5. AirPods 6. Chic Sneakers

7. Wet Ones 8. Luggage Scale 9. Almond Packs


1. Travel Backpack // I’ve been carrying this bag for years, and it’s still my go to. It comes in a variety of colors and have several compartments, including one for your laptop.

2. Packing Cubes // I honestly can’t imagine not packing with them. It’s truly impressive how much more you can pack & how much it helps to pack whole outfits together or pack by like items (all swim together, pjs & comfy clothes together, etc). When you get to hotel it’s also easy to unpack & find what you’re looking for.

3. Luggage // Hard case luggage is our family go-to. The luggage linked is a new 3 piece set I found on Amazon. I love the tan leather accents. I have this gold marble set that is lightweight & expandable.

4. Oversized Cardigan // Layers & comfortable clothes are a must have for me when traveling. An oversized cardigan with a light weight tee under it so I can easily adjust to airplane temps & for the warmer temps once we get to our sunny destination.

5. AirPods // I have a full AirPod review here. One of the things I like about them if that if you take one out, what you are playing will stop, which is convenient when the kids need something.

6. Chic Sneakers // Comfy & cute & the clean lines make them easy to wipe down if needed after traveling.

7. Wet Ones // Always in my bag, especially on travel days! We use for hands, and wiping down our area of the plane. Beings it’s flu season, I also brought these medical grade wipes.

8. Luggage Scale // To avoid having an overweight bag and having to redistribute weight at the airport, we always check our bag weight before we head out. I’m always overpacking, but don’t want my bags to be overweight!

9. Almond Packs // Snacks for me too! I like packs of almonds & bars for me, and then a few back up snacks & treats for the kids too (in addition to what they have in their backpacks).


1. Backpack // Each kid carries their own backpack with their tablet, activity books, snacks & water bottle. They love having all their own items with them, and it makes it easier on Michael & I too.

2. Kids Headphones // These are the headphones we’ve been using for the past year or so and they work great for Sutton & Greyson!

3. Water Bottle // We check in with it empty & then fill it up in a water fountain once we get close to our gate. We also use them when we are at the hotel, at the pool & beach!

4. iPad case & iPad // In flight entertainment! We do our best to limit the iPad to in flight only. Always make sure you download apps & movies so you don’t need wifi to do so once you leave home. We download movies from Netflix & Disney Plus on their apps.

5. Travel Pillow and Blanket // Keep them comfy. With a pillow & blanket kids can curl up in their seats and get comfy and maybe even fall asleep. Comfy & entertained is always our travel goal!

6. Medical Grade Disinfecting Wipes // Switching to medical grade disinfecting wipes since it is flu season and there is always that increased risk when traveling to catch something. I’ll wipe down the kids’ seats, arm rests & tray tables.

7. Activity Books // As mentioned above, we try to keep iPad for in-flight, so waiting at the airport & during layovers the kids love coloring and pulling out their activity books. Sutton loves drawing, coloring and more educational activity books and Greyson loves coloring & stickers.

8. Camera // Both of the kids have one and love taking pics! They are fun entertainment for them, and you can even play a little scavenger hunt game at the airport. It’s always fun to see what memories they capture!

9. Water Wow Books // A great travel activity because it involves 1 book, and 1 brush pen. You fill the brush pen with a little water, and then as you color/paint, colors appear on the picture.

I left off one of the most important for kids; SNACKS! We always pack snacks in each of the kids bag and then have extra + some special treats in our bags in case we need them. You can find 2 other Traveling with kids posts here & here where I broke down a larger packing list.

Can’t wait to get through the travel day though and be in sunny, warm weather! I’ll be sharing what outfits I packed tomorrow & you can find vacation pictures throughout the week on Instagram and in the LTK app.




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