Dec 9

Gift Guide // For the New Mom

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A new mom can be hard to shop for. They are probably too exhausted to be thinking about they want this year. Even though they are very deserving of a special gift this holiday season! I have put together some items I know any new mom would love! Hope this is of help when looking for that perfect gift!

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01// Perfume 02// Cardigan 03// Mama Necklace 04// Slip Silk Sleep Mask 05// Picture Frame  06/ /Slippers 07// Candle 08// Pajamas (bottom / top) 09// Key Chain 10// Sunglasses 11// Yeti Coffee Mug 12// Bath Salt 13// Honest Crème Blush 14// Ball Cap 15// Baby Wrap 16// Wine Holder 17// Exfoliating Sugar Cubes 18// Blanket or another option here

01// This is my all time favorite perfume! It is the best scent! I love this combo pack of the duo rollerball. Perfect for a new mom to throw in her diaper bag to help cover up all the spit up she will be having all over her 🙂

03// This Mama Necklace would be such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Simple, dainty jewelry is my go to for day to day! A new mama would look so pretty in this necklace and something she can wear day to day.

04// This company has nailed the silk pillows and sleep mask! This is a perfect gift for a new mom and her tired eyes!

15// I love these Baby Wrap‘s. Baby wraps are a must to free your hands to accomplish day to day tasks and have your baby extra close to you!

Other New Mom Gift Ideas //

NEW MOM GIVEAWAY: I’m so excited to be able to giveaway this Honest City Backpack, Solly Baby WrapHonest Hand Sanitizer Spray & a doddle & co. POP pacifier

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*** Congrats to Lillia Budd on winning the give away! 

Becky xx

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  1. ?? 1 month away from becoming a first time mama! So many words to describe how I’m feeling- excited, nervous, terrified, ready for this baby boy to get here! Sharing this guide with the sweetest hubs and dad to be ever…?
    Insta: @emilystoniecki

  2. So many good gift ideas for a new mom! I’m lucky enough to be joining the club in March ❤️
    insta: @classicandgray

  3. Thanks, mama! This new Mom is looking forward to trying these products!

    Instagram – rebeccaratz

  4. Entered the New Mom Giveaway! I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby… This would be the start to my mom-gear collection. Thanks!

  5. @bri_doran love your insta & blog! I’m due Jan 12! Thanks for the inspo 🙂

  6. Any of those would make for a very happy mama! @michelleevans12

  7. @ambershaune — entered ✅
    Love the whole outfit and especially the hats ❤️

  8. Great post! First time mom due on New Years Day! Entered xo @mollysatterfield

  9. Great post! First time mom, due on New Years Day!!! Entered, xo @mollysatterfield

  10. due 03.01.19 with my first baby. would love to win this giveaway!! ?? @palmer_ak

  11. I just entered! I’m due in April so I’m pretty excited for this giveaway ?

  12. Holding my sleeping 6 week old as I type! Love your blog! @sewingunaffiliated

  13. cmhults insta handle
    Always love your posts and guides-style is always perfect and aspirational but achievable and of value! Thank you!!!

  14. Entered! Thankyou for this giveaway! New mom here Come August and I think these items are perfect!


  15. Love love love this bag! Actually had it, and it got stolen out of my car, who steals a diaper bag! Haha it’s the best!


  16. @lindseyusmani entered. Love this! And love following your blog. Your kids are so adorable! I’m expecting my first in April!

  17. @lindseyusmani I’ve entered. Love your blog! You kids are so adorable. I’m expecting my first in April ?

  18. I am following you. Love your posts! I’d love to win!!! Expecting in May! @bekaliz is my IG

  19. I’ll be a new mama in March and loving all these ideas! I have been a long time follower and love how you keep it real and glam at the same time!
    Insta: lillybudd_

  20. Adorable ideas ? I’ll be a new mama in March and have been a long time follower of yours. Love how you keep it real but keep it glam!! #momgoals ?? insta: @lillybudd_

  21. Great ideas!! I have so many new or expecting momma friends, I’d love to win & gift this to my favorite gals.

  22. 37 weeks pregnant with my first and these would be so amazing! Just entered the contest! ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Also realized I forgot to comment my Instagram handle ??‍♀️ @allyamac

  24. Love this post!! Expecting my first in January!! Need all the new mom tips and items I can get ??

  25. Love this post about new mamas! And all these gift ideas! Entered xo @jenangileri

  26. Entered! First time mom! Insta: @muskysotelofamily

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!