• Amazon Turtleneck

    This amazon sweater can be worn so many different ways! I love it as a winter white look but it can also be worn with leggings or joggers! It is under $35 and it super comfy.
  • Pinch Waist High Rise Kick

    The ultimate white jean! You can wear these year round. I love pairing them with a white sweater for winter. The cut looks good with booties or heals- even a sneaker.
  • Pouch Leather Clutch

    Pulled the trigger on this Bottega clutch. I was needed a good clutch for different events and I am so happy with this one. Gives you that look of contemporary glamour.




healthy lifestyle

New Year Healthy Living/Kitchen Organization

January 16, 2020

With the New Year we’re thinking about health and ways to make smart choices to live out our best healthy lifestyle as a family; and it’s not just me, I want it to trickle down to my kids. One way I plan to do this in 2020 is through family snack & meal planning. This entails more than just the menu planning & grocery shopping, but involves prepping foods when we get home from the grocery store & keeping our fridge stocked with ready to eat snacks & meals. I know it makes a difference when I have fruits & veggies washed and cut or when I prepare a bunch of meat to eat throughout the week. When the kids or myself want a snack, it’s ready and it’s not easier to just grab a bagged snack from the pantry, it’s easy to pop open cucumbers that are cut up and ready to eat! I also want to make smarter choices to create less waste. That means less baggies, foil & saran wrap, especially in regards to kids snacks & meals when we are on the go.





Wellness Wednesday: 5 Daily Habits that Keep me Fit

January 15, 2020

One of the most-asked questions I get is about my fitness routine. I love that you guys are all so interested in my routine because it’s something I’m really passionate about. And although I do love sharing my workouts and tips, ultimately, I think it boils down to forming small habits that can make a big impact. Once you master the small things you’ll feel ready and able to crush your fitness goals! To help you get started building these habits, I have 5 things that I thought I’d share that I think have made a big impact on my ability to make sweating a consistent part of my daily routine.

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