Morgan’s Fall Bucket List


The changing of seasons is my favorite time of the year and I’m so glad I live in a state that gets all 4 seasons. With every new season there is a freshness & excitement that fills the air and that makes for a great time to set new goals & make a seasonal bucket list! With Fall right around the corner, I wrote down 8 things I want to do this season.

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Sweater Coat Styled 3 Ways

You may have seen this sweater coat on my instagram feed this past week. I was so excited to wear this! There is nothing better than a long cozy layer to add over your fall outfit. Today I am sharing 3 ways I styled it!

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Wellness Wednesday: Volume 4 // Post Vacation Detox Tips

I get a lot of questions if I work out and stick to a diet while on vacation and the truth is… I don’t. I work out and eat healthy consistently throughout the year so when it comes to vacation, I like to take a break from working out and enjoy as much time off as I can! When I get home, I get right back into a healthy routine and it normally takes me about a week to get back on track and feel normal! Today I am sharing some detox tips for post-vacation that help me get back on track!

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Tuesday Tips & Questions: Volume 25 // Traveling with Kids

We just got home from a trip to Mexico with the kids, so I wanted to do an updated post about traveling with kids. I’m sharing what we packed for travel days, answering reader questions from throughout our trip and sharing travel & vacationing with kids tips.

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