Favorite Designer Handbag of the Season

You girls might have caught my indecisiveness over my recent search for a fall bag on Instagram stories, but I’m happy to report I finally made a decision! I like treating myself to a designer bag a couple times a year, especially during transitional months like October and June. It might seem like a big splurge, and it definitely is, but I find that I end up wearing these bags almost every day. And if you think about that, the investment is definitely worth it – at least it is to me! It’s also why I budget in other areas.

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Gift Guide // For the Jetsetter

Do you have that friend or relative who is always flying off to explore new places? Are you looking for a gift for someone that is constantly traveling for work? This will be the perfect guide to find a gift for that jet-setting person.

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4 Ways to step up your Outfit Game

There are times for basics and times you just want to turn your outfit up a notch. Whether you’re heading to casual holiday parties or trying to take your workwear to happy hour, Topshop at Nordstrom is the perfect brand to do it with. Whenever I want to try something trendy or different, I always go for Topshop because the price point is super reasonable and I love the conveniences of shopping at Nordstrom (free shipping and returns obviously!).

If you’re looking for inspo on how exactly to do this, here are four key items to try…

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