Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // Best of Home & Beauty

Today I’m sharing Best of Home & Beauty; items that are still in stock and have proven to be favorites throughout the sale. There is no telling how long these items will stay in stock as the sale opens to the public on Friday, so if you have your eye on any of these items, now is the time to grab them!

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Tips for Starting an Early Morning Exercise Routine

A few years ago, there was no way you could drag me out of bed before 730AM. But after having babies I was forced to be up early to actually fit a workout in with my busy day. I was transformed into the morning person I never thought I’d be. I’m up between 5:00AM and 5:30AM. And I love it!I Something about being up before the sun while most people are sleeping that makes me feel like a mom boss! Since I get up crazy early I also have time to get some work done with fewer distractions (aka kids whining). In addition, my energy is up and my positivity makes me feel like I can conquer anything the day throws at me. I often get asked ‘ how did i become a morning person and stick to my early exercises’ so today I am sharing a few tips that I found helpful! 

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Best of Amazon Prime Day 2019

Did you know that Amazon Prime Day is almost here! It’s held from July 15th & 16th (starts at 12am Pacific Time on the 15th). It’s a surprise what will be on sale and there will be new products just for prime members for a limited time. There will be a blue prime day badge on anything that is on the 2-day sale. This is a great time to keep an eye on everything from electronics & small appliances to household items like lightbulbs & paper towels.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide: 2019 Early Access Try-On Session

Leather Jacket ($62.90 After Sale $95) // Knit Tunic ($98 After $148) // Suede Booties (99.90 After Sale 149.95) // Rayban Sunglasses ($141.90 After Sale $213) // Barefoot Dream Blanket ($119 After Sale $180) // Knit Pillow ($49 After Sale $69) // Capri Blue Candle ($22.90 After Sale $35) // Handbag ($238 After Sale $358) // Leopard Cardigan ($49 After Sale $69) // V-Neck Sweater ($183.90 After Sale $275) // ALO Workout Tank ($35.90 After Sale $54) // Pink Leggings ($42.90 After Sale $65) // Sports Bra ($35.90 After Sale $54) // Patagonia Jacket ($89 After Sale $129) // Grey Suede Jacket ($125.90 After Sale $188) // Denim Jacket ($84.90 After Sale $128) // Short Rain Boot ($94.90 After $145) // Sperry Boot (79.90 After Sale 119.95) // Tall Rain Boot ($99.90 After Sale $150) // Camel Trench Coat ($57.90 After Sale $89) // Trench Coat ($146 After Sale $220) // Faux Fur Jacket ($124.90 After Sale $188) // Bar Pendant Necklace ($52.90 After Sale $80) // Hoop Earrings ($37.90 After Sale $58) // Black Tory Burch Boots ($299 After Sale $498) // Over the Knee Boots ($159 After Sale $239.95) // Blazer ($434 After $650) // Cami ($129 After Sale $195) // Sunglasses // Black Denim ($75 After Sale // Blue Denim ($250 // Tory Burch Black Slides ($129 // Grey Dress ($35.90 After Sale $55) // Floral Dress ($58.90 After Sale $89) // Burgundy Long Sleeve Dress ($118.90 After Sale $178) // Mirror ($150 After Sale $250) // Blowdryer ($155 After Sale $235)// Curling Iron ($107 After Sale $160)// Lip Kit ($60 After Sale $78) // Eye Shadow Palette ($59 After Sale $135) // Tory Burch Purse ($305.90 After Sale $458) // Pajama Set ($35.90 After $55) // Socks ($19.90 After Sale $30) // Black Cami ($25.90 After Sale $39) // White Cami ($25.90 After Sale $39) // Grey Sneakers ($63.90 After Sale $85)// Cole Haan Sneakers ($84.90 After Sale $130) // Converse ($46.90 After Sale $70)

I know — it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the #nsale. When I first took a look at the full 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog, I felt a little overwhelmed and knew I needed to make some sort of strategy to shop the sale and also share with you guys! I shopped the sale Tuesday and had a whole week to scour the sale. I literally tried on close to 200 pieces and so excited to share the best (and favorite) picks in each category. These are pieces that you can easily wear into next season and classic pieces you wear year after year. I also have a helpful checklist I created to help shop the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

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