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  • Boots

    My favorite accessory is a cute neutral boot! These boots are cute, comfy and run true to size!
  • Bag

    This cute mini bag is so good! I wasn't sure if I would like how small It is but I really love how It looks with my outfits!
  • Cape

    I love layering pieces, this looks so cute layered over a long sleeve shirt!




instagram round up

December Instagram Round Up

January 7, 2022

Happy 2022 everyone! Today I am rounding up my photos from my Instagram feed in December if you are looking for links! Not seeing my photos on your instagram feed? Be sure to like or comment a few of my recent posts. You can do that here. This tells the algorithm that you want to see the things on my feed. I appreciate all the love and support you give Cella Jane. You are the best! HOW-TO SHOP MY FEED: If you see something you like, you can find shop-able links by visiting the ‘Shop My Insta’ page. No need to sign […]




Monthly Top 10

December Top 10

January 6, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! 2021 was such a great year filled with so many amazing opportunities, It makes me look forward to what 2022 has in store! Today I wanted to share with you guys your favorite items from December! You guys loved some great sweaters and layering pieces as well as great boots! So without further ado- here are your top ten favorite Items in December! Sweater Vitamin C Serum Chelsea Boots Sweater Agolde Jeans Madewell Tee Shawl Cardigan Lace Up Boots Lululemon joggers Boot socks

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