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Gift Guide: For Your In-Laws & Parents

December 5, 2019

13 of the Best Gifts for In-Laws & Parents

A gift guide for Parents and In-Laws was one of the most requested gift guides from my readers, so I put together a list of the best gifts to give those very important people in your life. When thinking of gifts for parents and in-laws I try to think of items they may not buy themselves, items that might be out of date and need to be updated and sentimental gifts.

13 of the best gifts to give in laws in 2019

Custom Art // Amazon Fire TV Stick // Monogrammed Board // Custom Ornament // Nespresso Coffee Maker //  Porter Mug // Desk Calendar // Jo Malone Perfume // Yeti Mug // Build Your Own Cheese & Charcuterie Board // Oil Diffuser // Barefoot Dreams Blanket // Echo Auto

#1 Custom Art //

This is such a sentimental gift that any parent would love! You can take your kids’ art from school or have them make a special print and send it in.  This company will create a high-quality letterpress print of your child’s art. A gift they will treasure forever!

#2 Amazon Fire TV Stick //

This device is under $50 and makes for a great gift because it can make any dated or old tv into a smart tv so they can stream all the best shows on Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO, and more.

#3 Monogrammed Board //

I love the idea of taking this board and cheese knife to your mother-in-law for the holidays.

#4 Custom Ornament //

Another amazing gift for your parents or in-laws. A custom ornament that they can collect and keep each year of you and your family. Gifts like these are unique and super special!

#5 Nespresso Coffee Maker //

Sometimes it is time for an upgraded coffee pot! This is a machine that Michael and I both love! This a great present for both moms and dads!

#6 Porter Mug //

This mug comes in a few different colors and it made from silicone so it feels amazing! I have this on my list and know lots of moms who would want one too!

#7 Desk Calendar //

Another personalized gift idea. You can make these calendars so easily on Shutterfly. They have lots of different designs for anyone in the family. I want to start making these every year for our parents with pictures of the grandkids.

#8 Jo Malone Perfume //

A great perfume to buy for your mom or mother-in-law. It is something they might not buy for themselves.

#9 Yeti Mug //

By far the best gift of the season! It is perfect for everyone! I use mine every day! It comes in a ton of different colors and is a great price. It would be even better with a Starbucks gift card inside.

#10 Build Your Own Cheese & Charcuterie Board //

Someone told me about this new food board and I had to share it with you all! Its a 30 x 10 maple wood board that (in the cutest handwriting) has step by step instructions engraved on the board to tell you where to put what food. You guys need to check it out!

#11 Oil Diffuser //

These diffusers are great all over the house or in someone’s office. It smells amazing and it’s beautiful.

#12 Barefoot Dreams Blanket //

Another gift you can’t go wrong with. So cozy and the perfect throw for the house!

#13 Echo Auto //

This new echo adds Alexa to your car. It connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays through your car speakers. Use your voice to play music, check the news, make calls, add to your to-do-list, manage your calendar, and more.


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  1. I have been wanting this mug so bad just didn’t want to spend the money on myself. Thank you for the opportunity of a giveaway!

  2. You gift guide are so helpful! I love the calendar idea, it can be really cute for memories you shared with family that month.

  3. Absolutely love your style and how you mix affordable and high end pieces! Also love how you are form KC! Been here in OP for 4 yrs now!

  4. These are such great gift ideas! I absolutely love your content! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. These are seriously such great gift ideas! I absolutely love your content! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Love the ideas!! Gave the Yeti idea to my Mom for my husband (but, would love one for me!) Cutting board for my in-laws! About to splurge on the blanket for a “me” gift!!

  7. Thank you for always giving the best ideas for gifts! This is so great for parents and all things they will love and use! Love you gf🖤

  8. Love all of the gift guides! Makes shopping during the holidays so much easier so we can focus on family and friends 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  9. LOVE following you – you’re 1 of 3 bloggers I choose to follow along with, support and read through all of the content. We have a very similar style and vibe. Would love to win this Yeti as a Christmas gift to Mom.

  10. I love this gift guide post for parents and in-laws! I have been trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend’s parents, and this is super helpful! Great content and ideas!