Tuesday Series

New Tuesday Series

January 8, 2019

Hi friends! I am so excited to start this new series on the blog to kick off 2019! Each Tuesday I will be sharing a few tips or things I have found useful, plus answering a few of YOUR questions that I received the past week. Feel free to leave new questions in the comments below for next week’s feature!


Sharing a few tips that I am finding helpful lately!


You may have seen my IG stories about drinking more water daily. This is soo good for you to do, not only for your body and skin but also your body hunger cues. Most of the time when you want to reach for a snack or are hungry it’s dehydration. Give yourself a goal for the next 3-4 days of drinking over 60 ounces of water a day and see if it affects your hunger. That itself may be a motivator to keep that habit and turn into your lifestyle and part of your daily routine. I sort of give myself time cues so if I have not finished drinking my full water bottle by a certain time, it’s time to get drinking.

Here is an example:

I usually workout at 6am so I drink one full Hydroflask (32oz) during or after and done drinking it all by 745AM and I make sure to have it drank before breakfast. On days I don’t work out, I will chug 32 oz before I eat breakfast.

Then I refill and aim to have my next one drank by lunchtime which is usually around 1/2pm.

If I want to exceed my goal- I go for another refill and drink it by dinner which I most of the time don’t have done by dinner but try to finish by the night.


This is something my mom taught me a long time ago and such a great tip when applying skincare products. Anytime you are applying your skincare products like your retinol, eye cream, moisturizer, use the top of your hand to first place the product (recommended amount) on the top of your hand and then apply gently with your fingers to your face. Any access after you apply to your face, take both the tops of your hands and rub them together absorbing the last of the product. Then your hands get a dose of skincare since they are the next place aside from your face that show aging. Comment below if you want a IG story tutorial!


Since so many of you asked about my drying rack and why I hang my clothes – I thought I would share this tip. My older sister totally scolded me for not doing this in the beginning with Sutton’s clothes but she hangs all her kids clothes and I was like whyyyyy are you doing that? She explained that it keeps the colors from fading and the wear showing the the tumble dry. Makes so much sense! I always hung up my activewear and certain clothes but never the kids bc there is a sh*t ton of clothes but it is worth it! So we hang all the kids clothes and other items that we want to stay looking good!






Answering some of YOUR questions that I receive each week!

Q: What are your go-to Nail Polish colors?

Funny Bunny 

Let me BAyou a Drink

Let’s Be Friends

Q: Will you do more Amazon favorites!? Loved that post.

There was an overwhelming response to this and I am so happy you enjoyed it! Definitely more to come!

Read my most recent Amazon favorites post here!

Q: Do you do intermittent fasting? 

I don’t do the full 16-hour fasting. I want a diet that is maintainable and not feel limited throughout half my day! I know some gals who do and love it! It is just not for me. I give my body a 12 hour fast or rest at night before eating again. That has given me the best results and I don’t feel starved half the day!

Q: What eye cream do you recommend?

Teamine by Revision (use code: CELLAJANE20) for 20% off your order!

Q: What is your shopping list from Trader Joes?

Here it is:

Freezer items:

Pre-cooked Turkey Meatballs

Cauliflower Fried Rice – sooo good! See recipe here

Veggie Fried Rice – add in ground chicken and use Aminos in place of soy!

Cauliflower pizza crust

Pancakes – for the kiddos

Green Beans – love these!

Roasted Corn (Michael loves this and a nice side to serve with Mexican dishes)

Rice in a bag – White

Gnocchi cauliflower


Fresh herbs – cilantro, basil


Cherry Tomatoes

Bagged Argula

Shishito Peppers

Pre- Chopped Veggies – Fresh for easy grills or skillets

Carrot Ginger Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing


Chicken Sausages

Ravioli – always trying new flavors-kids love cheese anything

Fiber Cereal

Dark Choc covered almonds with sea salf


Goat Cheese

Almond Shredded Cheese

Salsa- Green Verde and Corn are my fave!


Everything but Bagel

Chilli Lime


Balsamic Reduction Syrup


I hope you enjoy this new series! I have an ongoing list of questions – so feel free to add more by leaving one below! It may be featured next week!


Becky xx





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  1. This series is going to be so great! Already love this first post. Thanks Becky! You do An amazing job with all of your content!

  2. I loved this post!
    What is your skin care routine?
    Do you use any exfolirators or face masks? If so, what kind?
    Thank you!!

  3. I absolutely love this segment, my question is: Can you make a blog post on what’s on my iPhone? I would love to see how you got your organize and what apps you have as well as how you edit your pictures! What preset you used?

  4. Thanks for the info! Loved the video you and our mom did at her spa last month!
    Could you please tell how tall you are for reference when shopping your styles?

  5. I love your diffuser for essential oils and want to start using them around my home. Do you have a brand that you use/recommend? Thanks so much!