Travel Essentials: What’s In My Bag

September 24, 2018

Travel Essentials marble macbook cover

No matter where I am traveling to, my carry-on packing routine is nearly always the same. I ensure I have all the travel essentials in my bag and whatever I need to stay comfortable and prepared.

Travel Essentials whats in my bag

Calpak luggage //CalPak Back Pack  // Headphones // Cardigan // Reebok classics // Multi Stick // Laptop Case

Travel Essentials:

Favorite Luggage // I have been using Calpak luggage for a couple years now and love these bags. They fit so much with the zipper extenders and no matter how much I pack or how heavy the bag is, the wheels still glide so smooth with ease.

CalPak Back Pack // I get SO many compliments and questions on this backpack. I had about 5 ladies stop me in the airport and ask me where this bag is from. It is such a pretty backpack and it fits so much for travel while not losing shape or looking sluggish. The best part is that it’s only $80 and comes in a few pretty neutral colors that will match any set of luggage or travel outfit. I have the largest MAC computer you can get and it fits perfectly in the backpack. It was  2 separate zipper sides and lots of compartments for storage.

Preferred Travel Outfit // You will never find me dressed up for a flight. I have to travel comfy and I like to layer since the flights can be hot one minute and freezing the next. I prefer a cute pair of jogger pants – like this pair here, a soft tee or tank layered with a cozy wrap. I wore this wrap on my last flight and it was perfect for travel. You can wear a long sleeve tee or tank with it, depending on the season and jeans, leggings or joggers.

I usually always wear sneakers. These Reebok classics have been my go to this season. Very comfy, yet still cute!

In-Flight Snack // I like to keep healthy snacks in my travel bag at all times. While airports have gotten better about healthy options, you never know before you get there! I always keep RXBARS, RX Nut butter packs, and a few dark chocolate almonds for my sweet tooth. I try to avoid all the pretzels, crackers and in-flight snacks since they are high carb and only leave you starving in an hour.

In-Flight Reading // I never have time to read my magazine subscriptions at home, so I always have plenty to read for trips. I will pack a few in my backpack for takeoff and landing. I work on my computer for most flights so I don’t do a ton of reading. I love podcasts too! The Skinny Confidential is what I am currently listening to!

Other Travel Must-Haves:

Calpak Packing Cubes – These are a life-changing! It organizes my packing process and fits everything in place! The mesh front lets you easily see what’s inside and the exterior ID label lets you add names to separate among different people, leaving you perfectly organized on your trip.

Laptop Case – a stylish case that protects my Mac! They also make cases for iPads and all sizes of laptops.

Headphones – stylish earbuds that are Bluetooth enabled – for my podcasts, music, and Netflix!

Anker Charger – I HAVE to have my Anker charger with me when traveling at all times. I am on my phone so much with work and need a reliable charger. They have a few different sizes. I have the largest one that can charge up to 3 devices at once and it charges your phone 3x faster than a wall plugin.

Multi Stick – I keep a multi-stick in my purse at all times. It’s a versatile tint for lips, cheek, and eyes that are great for on-the-go application.

Most Recent Trip: NYC for 24 hours for a campaign and then straight to Pebble Beach for my husband’s golf trip.Travel Essentials comfy outfit

What are your must-have travel essentials?


P.S. You can also read my tips for traveling with kids here.


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  1. Loving the backpack, have a trip to Maui coming up, have not traveled much in my life, do you use this backpack as your carry on or have a carry on and this is your personal item?