Palm Beach Travel Diary | Tips for Traveling with Kids

April 18, 2018

Sharing our Palm Beach Travel Diary today! Including some tips for traveling with kids! 


We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach. We were previously here on a trip in March and loved it so much we wanted to bring the kids back. The hotel is so kid friendly and we knew with the oceanfront location, it would be the perfect family spot.


The property is so beautiful and the beach was private and wonderful! 


The one thing that really made the trip special was the amazing service at the Four Seasons. We really felt so special. Upon arrival the front desk had little stuffed animals for the kids and once we checked into our ocean front suite, they had a crib and baby products all set up. Including diapers, wipes, kids bathing products and more! The wrote the kids name on the bathtub tile, it so so sweet!



We ate poolside every day overlooking the ocean. The food was incredibly good, the kid food rocked and the poolside cocktails were so yummy. The private beach had games to play with the kids, all the beach stuff with great service, sunscreen, aloe, and offering flavored water to keep us cool and adult beverages of course! Sutton loved chasing the waves and searching for seashells!


So many fun games and activities. Plus they had all the kid’s floaties, goggles and pool toys which was so nice!

On our way to dinner at Jové Kitchen and Bar at the Four Seasons- the food was absolutely insane! They brought the kids little toys during dinner which was so nice!


Each morning they had sand castle building for the kids. Sutton loved it!

Greyson was so happy in the sand. He would throw it in a bucket and occasionally eat it too! I totally embraced his love for the beach (sand eating and all) because when Sutton was his age she refused to get in the sand!

One of the mornings a small part of the beach was roped off because a sea turtle had laid a large batch of eggs. Sutton thought it was sooooo cool!

Best vacation ever, thank you to all the staff, especially Laurie, for helping us make some incredible memories! Can’t wait to come back! 

Now for some tips for traveling with kids!

Tips For Traveling With Kids

I know the idea of traveling with children might be overwhelming, (and it is!) the most important thing to remember is: it will end. You will get there. You will survive. We have a trip next month with a very long travel day and I just tell myself it’s just part of the process, its long and stressful but so worth it!

Tips for Traveling with Kids

1 // Pack lots of snacks! I try to get different ones than I normally have in the house so they are new and fun for the kids. With Greyson (13 months old) I do yogurt melts, puffs, granola bars, goldfish, earth’s best smoothie packs and a sippy cup I fill with water or soy milk after we are past inspections.

*Emergency snacks- so in case of a meltdown I pack suckers, and candy that I can give the kids to give them in a moment of a meltdown or someone won’t stop crying.

*For baby. Many airports will allow baby milk and baby food to be carried through security in containers over 100ml. They usually open containers to screen contents at the security point, but this only takes moments and doesn’t contaminate the food in any way. It’s worth checking with the airports you’ll be traveling through, just to make sure.

2 // Pack lots Wet Ones and wipes. I wipe down/sanitize our seats, the seats in front of us, the windows, the trays you name it. We use so many wipes on trips. I pack 3 travel packs in our backpacks for each way.

3// Backpacks are your best friend. I used backpacks for both my carry-ons and so did Michael so we have our hands free for the kids.

4 // Make regular toilet stops. Even when Sutton didn’t have to go to the bathroom, I would take her with me and make her go so we wouldn’t have to on the plane. I would change Greyson right before the flight – but we went #2 on both flights and changing in the plane bathroom is a nightmare. Michael changed him both times bc he was sitting in the aisle seat! 😉

5// iPad -we never travel without one. Sutton knows she only get’s her ipad at restaurants and when we travel. It makes life so much easier.

Sutton’s ipad case here | Sutton’s Headphones here // ipad games Peekaboo Forest, Barn & Fridge, Smart ABC, Feed Animals, Endless 123, Endless Reader, and then we have purchased movies and shows that she can watch as well.

6 Pack Blankies //  i pack both of the kids lovies (sleep blanket) and they get to have it on the plane. It is crazy how much this helps comfort and soothes them.

7  Baby stroller vs sling and or car seat

This is a common dilemma we have when traveling with kids and there’s no easy answer. A lot of it depends on where we are going. The past two trips we knew we wouldn’t be doing a lot of driving around so we didn’t take a car seat for Greyson (13 months) instead we used a car service upon arrival. We do have a travel stroller that we take with us. It is one that fits in an overhead plane compartment and is so nice to have! I always bring a sling too, since that is one place I know Greyson doesn’t mind being in.

Baby Carrier I used in Airport – Studio Romeo

8 Keep Calm // If your child chooses the worst possible time to turn into a screaming beast from another dimension, take a deep breath and try to keep calm

9 Research kid-friendly options for where you are staying. The resort we stayed at (Four Seasons Palm Beach) was very kid friendly!

And remember to enjoy it! Leave lots of time, pack well, and make the travel part of the journey. Just remember that you’ll be OK, and you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself!

What are your tips for traveling with kids?

Becky xx


Kids swimsuits:

Sutton wearing Swim Zip & Crew & Lu

Greyson wearing Swim Zip and mouse ear straw hat here

Michael’s Trunks Swim Zip

My suit here, here and here. Earrings here.






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