APL Sneaker Review

May 31, 2018

A question I often get when I’m wearing my APL sneakers is if I like them for running or do I like them for the gym? Are they comfortable? How is sizing? So today I am sharing a full review on APL sneakers.

If you haven’t heard of APLs yet, you’ve likely seen them — those low-profile, subtly branded sneakers that have been taking over Instagrams everywhere and one of the Kardashians favorite workout shoe. APLs caught my eye over a year ago when I noticed a gal wearing them in NYC, and I couldn’t identify the brand. They weren’t Nikes, or Adidas and I loved how they look and wanted to get my hands on a pair!

My first pair here (this exact style) I wore non-stop to gym class and running. This was right after Greyson was born and i was ready to get back into shape and wanted to look stylish while doing so! I needed all the motivation.

The shoes have great support and have held up really well and being worn during high-intensity workouts and runs the past year. Since they I purchased 4 more pairs. I like that they are lightweight, while still providing great cushion.

I think whether or not to splurge on these is a matter of how much sneakers mean to you. I wear sneakers a lot of the time and I love a stylish pair, reliable pair, so these are great for me and why I buy them over and over again.

Sizing- for me, I wear pretty thin socks so I stayed to my true size, however, if you wear thick socks or are in between sizes, size up half a size!

Let me know if you guys have any other questions!

Thanks for reading!

Becky xx

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  1. Love these shoes! But, I haven’t figured out where to tuck the laces in without feeling them. Any tips?