Scent of the Year + 1 Year of Free Perfume Giveaway!

May 29, 2018

You girls may have noticed by now that I am sort of a perfume junkie. I am always sharing my favorite new scents, as they always change with seasons and trends. I was honored when The Fragrance Foundation asked me to partner with them and help spread the word on the Fragrance Foundation Consumer Choice Awards happening now! Where each year the public and fragrance fans can show their support and vote for their favorite fragrance nominees now
through May 31 at vote.fragrance.org! Plus, I’ve teamed up with TFF and am giving away a selection of the fragrance nominees! See how to enter below!


Voting is easy and takes just minutes! You can vote for Women’s, Men’s and the Fragrance Hall
of Fame categories!

I think this is so fun for the public to take part and join in on the fun! This happens only once a year! So many great perfumes featured! It really was hard for me to narrow down my favorites!

Now for your turn, visit https://vote.fragrance.org/ and vote for your favorites! Once you are done voting stop back here and comment letting me know you’ve voted and you will automatically be entered in my giveaway! Win a selection of the nominee fragrances from The Fragrance Foundation Consumer Choice Awards!

Thanks for voting and stay tuned! Winner announced one week from today on my blog!

Becky xx

In collaboration with The Fragrance Foundation.

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  1. Voted! Carolina Herrera has been very popular with clients lately here in Central New York, I’d love to see her win

  2. Done! I voted, awesome giveaway. I never go anywhere without spraying a perfume or mist. Thanks for the chance Becky. Please enter me in giveaway ???

  3. I voted for the Carolina Herrera one based solely on the absolutely amazing bottle ! I have not smelled any of the new ones listed yet. I voted for Philosophy amongst the classics because Amazing Grace is such a clean, nice scent!

  4. Great post! I love your account. I’ve voted & am excited to be entered in the giveaway! Would looooove a year of free perfume. Crossing my fingers ??

  5. Voted!! Love the blog girl. You help my decision making when I do not have time to get into the stores. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for sharing!!! I’m a perfume junkie myself, its part of who we are!!
    Voted ans hoping to finally win one of your giveaways ❤️

  7. Voted! I thought it was kind of weird how many bath and body works products were included though. Cucumber Melon is definitely not my pick ??

  8. I voted! I don’t want to reveal spoilers here in case people read the comments without voting; but it was definitely difficult narrowing down choices. Loved the different fragrance categories though, and the vlogs as part of the polls.

  9. How fun!! I’ve recently fallen in love with La Vie Est Belle!! However not sure which men fragrances are the best, but I voted anyway!

  10. Voted! What an awesome giveaway! I love perfume & it was hard to vote – so many great choices!!! Thank you!

  11. I voted! I haven’t heard of The Fragrance Foundation before. Super fun to be involved in the voting! I’m excited to see which perfumes win!

  12. Couldn’t help but giggle as I voted for a perfume that my college boyfriend bought me when we were 19! I guess he had good taste in something?