Ruffle Tank + 5 Things

April 28, 2017

Sharing details on this ruffle tank, that so many of you asked about and 5 things on my mind, including some questions you gals had!







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I had so many questions this tank that I wore the other day and featured on my insta stories. It is more of a crop tank, so if you don’t want to expose your midriff I suggest paired with high-waisted pants, shorts or skirt. I wore it the other day with these high-waist cut-off jean shorts.

And can we talk about how much I adore these tie linen pants. They are so comfy and cute. I plan on wearing all summer long!

5 Things on my mind..

1. I received so many questions and feedback on this post regarding Greyson’s feeding and schedule here. I plan on sharing a more detailed schedule soon! And I think there was some confusion as to when I referred to me returning to work. My blog is my full time (plus) job. I work from home and as much as I would love for my kiddos to stay home with me, I have to work without distractions, so that is why I have the option for Sutton to be in school/daycare full time if needed, and Greyson will start eventually. However, I have considered getting a nanny instead and hold off on daycare until end of summer.

2. I also had questions as to why I was giving him a bottle if I breast feed and if you read this blog post I explain why we introduced a bottle.

3. Lots of you asked my fitness routine during my pregnancy and after. I shared my pregnancy fitness routine here. As for post baby bump, to be honest, I haven’t really had time to work out. I have gone to workout classes a total of 3 times and took the kids (with my double stroller) on a jog several times. I am so glad I stayed active during pregnancy, because I knew once Grey arrived I would need the time off. With my blog, I really didn’t take any time off work, so that has kept me extremely busy and takes priority over working out. Since I have limited time to workout I am going to start doing more (quick) work outs at home. Let me know if you gals would be interested in me sharing those or even making videos?

4. Some of you also wanted to know how I handle balancing being a full time blogger, wifey, mommy of two, and taking care of household, etc. Like I mentioned above, I have the option to have Sutton is in school/daycare 5 days a week. We made that decision to have her in full time daycare when I came home with Greyson. With my blog work there is no way I could handle taking care of a toddler, newborn and work on the blog over full time. It was a really hard decision and I had the worst mom guilt, but I found that I am way less stressed since I am able to get work and deadlines done, then when she is home, I am able to be more present and enjoy our time so much more!

5. I love being able to answer your questions, and appreciate hearing from you gals. I am thinking about having Fridays be dedicated posts to answering QnAs. Let me know what you think! Snap me, message me, comment here, I want to know!

Have a great weekend and as always thanks for reading my blog!


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  1. I would love for you to share and/or do videos of quick workouts! That is exactly what I need! Would also love the Q&A Fridays!! Great post on keeping it real and not pretending that everything is perfect. You are awesome! xoxo

  2. I would love Q&A Fridays!! It would be fun to get your perspective on different topics so I say go for it!!

  3. So many hard decisions when you’re a mom, right? There is literally no time with two, I’m finding that out! I introduced the bottle early too, bc I had some complications breast feeding ( even gave him some formula…gasp, lol) and I’m so happy I did because moms need a break every once in a while. This gig is hard! I want to know if you’re doing a ” dream feed.” My little dude is a pretty good sleeper too, but it’s the early morning hours I’m having trouble with him, and I’m wondering if I should be keeping him up later/ feeding him later. Anywho, love your blog! It’s fab as always and kudos to you for keeping it real?

    • So many hard decisions and always mom guilt! As far as dream feed, Greyson is typically up from about 8-10pm cluster feeding, ending his last feeding around 10/1030 so I do not do a dream feed, since he feeds so late already. He just started sleeping till 8am so that has been nice, now only if his sister would! I would try a dream feed if he is going to bed early to try and stretch him longer in the morning! So many babies are different and some moms don’t like the dream feed. Thanks for reading, Megan! Love hearing from my readers! xx

  4. I love how transparent you are here and break down how you manage “doing it all”, which means you always are sacrificing something somewhere. It’s a struggle all us mommies face and we all do the best we can. Real life doesn’t always look perfect and pretty like in our social media photos and I appreciate how down to earth you are and how you share your “secrets” for making it all work. Love that genuineness. Even staying at home full time has been a struggle and a hard transition for me. So, it’s nice to know I’m not alone when I have to cut working out or something else to take care of my family.

    • Staying at home full time is a ton of work! I don’t know if I could do it with two, so hard! As moms we make so man sacrifices for the good of the family. Keep up the hard work mama! We are all just hanging in there, living day to day, but with the best blessings ever!