Lululemon Craze

January 18, 2013

So if you follow Cella Jane you know that I am a HUGE fan of Lululemon. I am always posting their fun workout gear on here and stalk their website daily. But I will say, for the longest time I avoided the lululemon site and store because I knew how expensive they are.  I told myself I would never spend that kind of money on workout clothes.  However, one day I went in the store, just to browse casually, and a pair of leggings, capris, and long sleeve running top later, I was hooked.  Lululemon is extremely comfortable and oh so cute! On my days off, or lounging around I wear lulu. My husband made fun of my obsession and how much I wore it, now the guy has two coats from there;)
 I read an interesting and very relatable article today from Refinery 29 about Lululemon. If you are a fan yourself, you know that they never have sales. Not even Black Friday or Cyber Monday and they don’t have to. Here’s the reason why…Refinery 29 stated that they sell about 95% of their merchandise at full price! Crazy right!? But they have the demand, they make limited supply and their buyers know there is a scarcity on products available so there is a urge to buy and full price at that. As the folks at Refinery 29 put it: “So far, this tactic seems to be working, which means we’re left with no choice but to wait it out in savasana for any 20% -off signs to appear” HAHA, I guess that’s true!

Here are some of my latest indulgences!

Mint green is in again for spring! 
Right before kickboxing class, in my fav lulu top.
I am loving the gym bag! Will be my carry on travel bag as well!  #2fer1

Please tell me you are a lulu fan yourself, so I don’t feel as guilty!! Let me know what some of your favorite items are!


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