5 things I wanted to share on Med Spas

January 21, 2013

This past weekend, Michael and I headed back to my parent’s place who live about an hour and a half from Omaha, in Dakota Dunes. My mother owns a medical laser spa in Sioux City, called Ave Medical Laser Spa.  I do all their marketing and social media and learn a lot on all the services, products and procedures they offer. Which inspired this blog post, I wanted to share 5 things you will want to know about a med spa.

1. You don’t have to have bad skin, lots of wrinkles or be over the age of 40 to benefit from Med Spa Services. Don’t wait to get wrinkles, prevent them before they happen!! Prevention is key, that is why I say having a good skin care regimen and skin care line is so important!! I know, I know, I say it all the time but I am telling you, do it! I see a lot of before and afters, and you can tell which ones did not take care of or protect their skin. There are so many services, products and procedures that can start preventing aging before it starts. Visit your local med spa’s website and research on services they offer. Read reviews and try to find one that a friend or family member has been to, so you can ask them about their experience.

2. Laser hair removal is one of the more commonly done cosmetic procedures.  If you’re not happy with shaving, tweezing or waxing to remove your unwanted hair, laser hair removals is definitely worth considering. This is life changing people and it works!! The laser beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and that destroys the hair. You will need 5-7 treatments depending on each person. This is my favorite spa service! I have had my legs, under arms, and bikini area done, I just finished my last treatment. It is so amazing not to have to shave ever again. I highly recommend this service, but make sure whatever spa you go to, read reviews and make sure the place is legit. Most places will offer free consultations, where they can answer any questions you have and give you an idea on the cost.

Another common question..does it hurt? It really doesn’t hurt that bad, just gets a little hot. Most places will offer a numbing cream, if you get uncomfortable, and a coolant that helps.

You also have to wear these funky glasses to protect your eyes.

Lovely lady doing the procedure, my mamma!

3. When is the right time to get injectables? Lots of my friends ask me advice on this topic. If they need them? Is it too soon to get it? Will I look different? I am not the expert here, so I asked one I can trust.  My mom said when it comes to eliminating wrinkles, lines and deep folds, injectable can offer great results. Botox is also great for preventing wrinkles.  If done correctly and in proper moderation, Botox and fillers will look natural and emotions will still be expressed in your face.  She said the typical age for people to start getting Botox is 30.

4. Longer lashes can be achieved without having to use fake ones. Every girl wants longer, thicker lashes! Applying fake strip ones are hard to do and they only last you a day. There is a solution! Latisse. Have you heard of it?  Latisse is a precription-only that has been proven to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Within two to four months, your eyelashes can become longer and thicker. Latisse is safe and the only FDA approved treatment for growing eyelashes. Latisse is applied daily with disposable brushes which are included with the product. See below. Latisse is gently applied along the base of the upper eyelashes. I have been using Latisse for over 2 years now and my results are night and day. My lashes have gotten longer and a lot thicker. I love this product! One bottle should last you over 3 months. I use mine every other night.

5.  IPL who? IPL is another popular procedure at med spas. What is an IPL? It stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a broad spectrum light that evens out the skin color and treats vascular or pigmented imperfections. Have broken capillaries, unwanted freckles, facial spider veins, sun damage on hands, face and neck, hyper/hypopigmentation and Rosacea. Does it hurt? I have never had this done, but my mom said it can uncomfortable but anesthetic is not necessary. After procedure, the face can get pink and a little swollen, similar to a mild sunburn. Most patients are delighted with the outcome, even after just one treatment. Typically skin is younger and healthier.

IPL Before & After

IPL Before & After

 Do you visit a med spa on a regular basis? If so, what are your favorite treatments or products?


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  1. Can you recommend a good MedSpa in Kansas City? Specifically a place to get Botox and fillers. Thank you!