The Fur Vest

One of my favorite fashionista’s that I follow and ABSOLUTELY love her style, is Olivia Palermo. Olivia loves the fur vest. Take notes from this gal, she knows how to layer with a fur vest. From pairing it was leather leggings, to layering over a long maxi dress, I die every time I see this look. You can wear it with so many of your outfits.

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Below are some of my favorite FAUX fur vests. You won’t see me wearing real fur, I am a big animal lover. Plus, the faux fur is wallet friendly.

1. BB Dakota Faux Fur Vest $99 2. Banana Republic Vest $64.99  3. BB Dakota Vest $85 4. Michael KORS Toggle Vest $111 5. Guess Faux Fur Vest $69

What are some of your favorite fur vest looks?


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  1. Hi,
    Thank You for sharing such a wonderful post. I am a big fan of fur vests, faux fur vests and leather vests. I bought a Fur Vest online recently and it is like the one in this blog. I really enjoyed the softness of the fabric and the overall grace. I am looking forward to buying more in the future because they provide a unique look and are classy as well.
    Alexandra R.

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