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Skincare and maintaining a good skincare routine –despite busy schedules and workloads–should always be one of your top priorities. Skincare is not only important for cosmetic reasons, but skincare can also improve your overall health, both mental and physical. When you skin looks good, you feel more confident, and this reflects in your day to day activities. Skincare may be time consuming, but if you start forming good habits now, skincare will seem like second nature. Trust me, there are some nights I come home from a night after too many cocktails and I wake up the next morning with a washed face and my products applied.  Second nature;)
Implementing a good skincare regimen, like I have said before, will always lead to positive results.
With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite products/rituals that aid in my normal skincare regimen.

The Clarisonic, I use every night in the shower with my face wash. This will clean your face 6 times better than the normal wash cloth or lather method. It clears pores and reduces the size of your pores. It creates noticeably healthier looking skin and my mother tells me it helps your skin absorb your products better as well.

Obagi Professional C Serum is amazing! I use this every morning after my toner and before I moisturize. This provides maximum daily antioxidant protection from free radicals. Free radicals cause premature aging and fine lines and wrinkles. You will find that almost every skincare line carries a Vitamin C Serum. Some are orange colors, some are clear. My skin feels great after I put this on.  Here is a great to way to apply it, so you use every drop.

Apply 7-8 drops on the top of your hand, then with your fingertips rub some around each eye (where fine lines form first,) then around your mouth, then forehead, then cheeks, and neck and chest. Any remaining on your hand, take and rub on the back of the other hand. Hands need some attention too!

The next product is Retin-A. I use this once a week and mix a pea size in with my Step 5 of Obagi. This is quite strong and you need to be careful how much you use, it may cause peeling and redness and make you sensitive to sun. This is a good aid in your skin care because it promotes skin cell turnover and stimulates cells that produce collagen, which gives firmness to your skin. Last it provides more blood flow to the skin and removes brown spots.

Last and least, So Bronze, for the face. This product does not exactly promote better skin, but it does give me a little extra glow and color to my pale skin. I think a nice natural tan looks good on everyone, but I will not be getting that glow the natural way in the damaging sun. My sun tan goddess days are over, no more baby oil tanning for me. I will have to suffice with spray tans and this lotion, but I do know it will be worth it and my skin always thanks me!

What are your favorite products, tips or tricks? Do share!


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  1. Hi Becky- What moisturizer do you recommend putting over the Obagi C Serum? And do you use an eye cream in addition to the C Serum? And I have to know how the heck you get your hair so long? I have thin hair that just breaks off so easily no matter how much I take care of it.


  2. Hi Katie. I recommend the Obagi Hydrate Skin Moisturizer or Revisions Intellishade (that is a SPF and moisturizer) read more on it here:

    Eye Cream I recommend the Obagi ELASTIderm or the Revision Teamine Eye Complex, both are great.

    I plan on doing a post soon with hair care tips! So glad you asked. One thing I have always "lived by" is only one form of heat on your hair, so if you curl or flat iron your hair, don't blow dry it before. Try to air dry and wash hair night before and style in the morning. Heat does damage and cause breakage.

    Hope this helps and thanks for reading!!


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