Nov 14

2020 Gift Guide: Affordable gifts for Teachers, Co-workers, Neighbors and the Hostess

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Yeti Mug | Jingle Bell Bottle Opener | Christmas Carolers Puzzle | Very Merry Cocktails | Pink Pine Diffuser | White Marble and Wood Cheese Board & Knife | Molcajete bowl and Tejolote | Mask Chain | Rifle Sticky Note Trio | Protective Keychain | Reusable Portable Lidded Bowl | Pencil Holder

Yeti Mug | This is one of my favorite gifts year after year! Everyone would appreciate a great quality coffee mug. The yeti mugs keeps your coffee super hot and spill proof.

Jingle Bell Bottle Opener | How fun is this? I think this would make the sweetest hostess gift! Such a fun barcat accessory.

Christmas Carolers Puzzle | Puzzles are all the rave this year! This puzzle warms your heart. It is sweet, festive and the perfect activity this year for the whole family.

Very Merry Cocktails | I love taking beautiful gifts as hostess gifts. This is a super fun book that has amazing cocktail recipes for the holidays.

Pink Pine Diffuser | I shared another pink pink candle on the homebody gift guide. This diffuser not only smells amaZIng but also comes ready to give in a beautiful packaged box.

White Marble and Wood Cheese Board & Knife | This cheese board and knife set is under $25! Would make a great gift for either a hostess, co-worker, teacher or even a neighbor.

Molcajete bowl and Tejolote | I have never seen such a beautiful molcajete bowl and tejolote. I love the light colors. I am a guac lover and these bowls and tejolote make guacamole so easily.

Mask Chain | A new cute mask chain would make for a great teacher gift this year!

Rifle Sticky Note Trio | Love these beautiful sticky notes. Would be a great gift for a co-worker or teacher.

Protective Keychain | Avoid touching potentially dirty shared surfaces with this keychain that has a stylus point for buttons and an easy hook that opens doors.

Reusable Portable Lidded Bowl | This bowl is perfect for taking your salad, grains or leftovers anywhere, it has a sturdy lid with a secure silicone wrap strap.

Pencil Holder | A beautiful desk accessory. Something someone might not buy for themselves but would love to have on their desk.




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