Nov 15

2020 Gift Guide: Under $30 + Stocking Stuffers

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Savor Book | Beautiful book full of inspiration for cheese boards. Love this one sitting on a cookbook stand in the kitchen. Gift it with a bow wrapped around it or add a cheese board & knives to it for a larger gift.

Cypress & Fir Candle | A yummy winter scent and it’s ready to gift with a cute tassel & hang tag.

Yuletide Mug | This gorgeous Santa mug is only $16. Makes a great gift alone, with a Starbucks gift card or with a hot cocoa bomb.

Vogue Puzzle | A fun puzzle for a fashion lover.

AirPod Case | I clip this to my lap top case so that I always know where they are. If you’re gifting AirPods, level up by adding this to the gift!

Paddle Brush | The best wet hair brush!

Sugar Cube Set | Drop a cube in a glass of bubbly, sparkling wine, tea or coffee for instant flavor. You can give this whole set, or break it up and give 1 flavor to each person.

Vintage Inspired Labat & Fils Match Strike | Love this for a wet bar, bar cart or in the kitchen or bathroom. You can put in matches or other items such as toothpicks.  This unique match strike (or pyrogène in French) is a reproduction of those found throughout late 19th and early 20th century Europe. The hollowed-out top is used to store matches & secondly, its side or base (with its ribbed surface) is used to strike and ignite the match.

Turkish Towel | These are my favorite hanging in the bathroom. Turkish towels are light weight & super absorbent.

Card Case | Makes a great ladies gift! Something you don’t always think you need new of until you get a new one and realize how old/worn your other one is.

Travel Jewelry Case | A safe way to pack or just store your jewelry. Keep them in this case in your dresser drawer to keep metals from tarnishing & tangling.

Silk Scrunchie | A best seller in the CJ Shop – these oversized scrunchies are perfect for top knots or a low pony.

Sydney Hoop Earrings | These are a great every day earring! The perfect sized huggie and textured detail.




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