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April 4, 2020

We are having to get creative with ways of staying in contact with the people we love! A big trend right now is Zoom dates. It is fun to set a day and time with your girlfriends, family members, or neighbors. It gives you something to look forward to and feel a sense of normalcy.

We put together a little personalized charcuterie board and wanted to share some tips on how you can make one yourself.

Cellajane-Personal Charcuterie Board

Use a smaller cheese board (if it’s too big you will end up filling the whole board and have too much food), pretty cheese knives, and a few small bowls.

Always start with laying out your cheeses. For a board this size just select your 2 favorite cheeses and one type of meat. I will share my favorites below.

I cut the 2 cheese differently. Select one to cut up into bite size pieces and the other one as a block with a few pieces pre-cut. Lay your meat down in a curved shape. This items are your anchors so I try to make them in a triangle shape placing each item on the points of the triangle.


Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions- Trader Joes
Cranberry Chèvre (Cranberry covered Goat Cheese)- Trader Joes



I then place my small bowls down on the board. I filled one with a spicy jam and put olives in the other.
I used 2 types of crackers I had in my pantry. Laying them in a few different places around the board in piles.


Fig & Olive Crisps- Trader Joes
Cracker Assortment (comes with four different types of crackers)- Trader Joes

This is my favorite part and where I think the board really comes together. I use different types of nuts as the glue to the board. You can just take handfuls and fill any empty spots on the board with different nuts or fruit. The trick is to not have any holes on the board.


Sweet & Spicy Pecan- Trader Joes
Roasted & Salted Marcona Almonds with Rosemary- Trader Joes


Meomi Pinot Noir
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
Kim Crawford Rose


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  1. Becky,

    That is so pretty and looks yummy too. I like the same cheeses as you. Great idea for a post!