Apr 13

Kids Outdoor Entertainment

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The past weeks we have been spending a lot of time outside! We caved and got the kids a trampoline and it was one of the best decisions we have made during this quarantine. They could spend hours out there and it helps get out a ton of energy and they crash at bedtime.

Kids Outdoor Entertainment

Bubble Machine // Basketball Goal // Ride-on Jeep // Saucer Tree Swing // Sand & Water Table // Ride-on Car // Garden Tool Kits // Jungle Jumparoo // Chalk // Trampoline

Bubble Machine // Dancing in bubbles or popping them before they hit the ground – I’m not sure who loves it more- me or the kids!

Basketball Goal // We had this in our basement but a great item to have outside for some fresh air!

Ride-on Jeep // Grey just learned how to drive his jeep! He gets so excited to zoom around the driveway all by himself!

Saucer Tree Swing // The perfect activity for a sunny day!

Sand & Water Table // Love how this can be used for multiple activities!

Ride-on Car // Just twist, wiggle and go!

Garden Tool Kits // Much safer than the kids helping with our tools!

Jungle Jumparoo // Similar to a trampoline! Great physical activity for kids!

Chalk // We have been going through so much chalk! Keeps the kids busy for hours.

Trampoline // Love the new safely features of trampolines. The kids love theirs so much! It completely wears them out!




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