Oct 23

Mix-and-Match Cold Weather Wardrobe Must-Haves

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Autumn is calling and it’s not too late to get your cold-weather wardrobe in check. You know I am all about comfort and my athleisure wear.. Today I am sharing a curation of easy, polished fall pieces that can be mixed-and-matched and worn well beyond your gym class.

First off let’s talk about this cozy Sherpa Wrap. Bundle up in this wool-blend layer. With warm pockets, a high neck, and a long length for warmth, you’ll be feeling total coziness. My favorite is the thumb holes! This wrap can be mix and matched with different leggings, jeans, tops, and the neutral ivory color goes with everything!

I layer the Sherpa Wrap over my all-time favorite Align Leggings (so smooth and buttery) along with my comfy lululemon crew that is perfect for post-practice comfort!

Another great mix and match piece is this puffer vest. I literally throw this on overall my long sleeve tops. You have probably already seen me wearing this on all my fall excursions with the kids. It warm, cozy and chic. Layers well over sweatshirts, flannels and I love it with my go to comfy align leggings.  

I paired it with the classic lululemon crew which is SO soft! it comes in a ton of colors and I also like this oversized crew that luluelmon just debuted!

And with the holidays soon approaching and some of y’all already requesting gift guides, I put together a lululemon gift guide for all my wellness lovers! There is literally only one reason not to buy gifts at Lululemon for every single person on your holiday shopping list this year, and it’s the temptation you’re sure to face of wanting to buy everything for yourself. Am I right!?

FOR HER: Sherpa Jacket // Leggings // Water bottle // Tee // Bag

FOR HIM: Joggers // Sweatshirt // Water bottle // Bag // Tee


Sherpa Jacket // This is a new jacket for Lulu and I am so excited about the design. It is so cozy and comes in 3 different colors.

Leggings // One of my all time favorite pairs of leggings! I get them in the 25″ and the 28″. They are so comfy and feel so breathable.

Water bottle // This water bottle would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays! It is chic and durable.

Tee // I love this looser/boyfriend fit on this this tee.

Bag // The perfect gym bag. This bag is huge and can hold so many different things and has great compartments for water bottle, shoes, clothes and jewelry.


Joggers // I love the fit of these men’s joggers.

Sweatshirt // A shape looking sweatshirt to pull the look together.

Water bottle // Another great water bottle for holiday gifts.

Bag // A great gym bag for all those fellas in your life that head to work after the gym.

Tee // This tee has a very flattering fit.


Outfit 1: Sherpa Wrap (wearimg size small) //  Crew (wearing size small) // Align leggings (wearing size 2) 

Outfit 2: Vest (wearing size 4) // Crew (wearing size small) // Align leggings (wearing size 2) 

A big thanks to lululemon for sponsoring this post!



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  1. Hi Becky – Love the post and Lululemon! Thanks for all the great content. I wear lots of athleisure but always have trouble matching a bag that doesn’t look too dressy. I am quite obsessed with your mini Polene black bag – do you ever wear this with casual wear? Wondering if it would work with leggings/vest type outfit you are wearing above. Thanks in advance!