Morgan’s Fall Bucket List

September 20, 2019


The changing of seasons is my favorite time of the year and I’m so glad I live in a state that gets all 4 seasons. With every new season there is a freshness & excitement that fills the air and that makes for a great time to set new goals & make a seasonal bucket list! With Fall right around the corner, I wrote down 8 things I want to do this season.

volunteer with your friends or family // It’s time to get it on the calendar. Often times when Thanksgiving & Christmas come around we start to think about how we can volunteer & give back. But, now is actually the best time to schedule it so that it is scheduled and you are ahead of the game! Don’t know where to volunteer? Check out programs in your area like Ronald McDonald House, your local food pantry or cared nursing facilities.

host a game day party // The most wonderful time of the year…football season! There’s nothing like gathering with your friends to cheer on your favorite college or NFL team. Also, it’s an excuse to host a party, which I don’t do near enough!

clean out your fridge & pantry // Hello expiration dates. Or should I say Goodbye? Spring isn’t the only time to do some cleaning around your house. While you’re cleaning out & throwing away expired items, make a list of what you need to replace & stock up for all your favorite fall recipes!

spend a day “offline” // Ok, I’ve never actually done this and I think it will be hard, but I’m going to try and think a Fall day would be the perfect time to do it. When the weather has cooled off; go to a pumpkin patch, sip fresh cider at the apple orchard, go on a picnic or walk in your favorite park, bake some banana bread and enjoy a day away from the world wide web. (It will still be there in the morning.)

meal & workout plan every sunday // If it’s not already a habit, the change of seasons is a great time to start. I find when I sit down & write down my workouts on my calendar (times & specific workout) as well as my meals, I have a healthier week. When a workout is scheduled ahead of time, that is just the time you do it… and when a meal is planned you are able to prepare your grocery list & are less likely to make a less healthy choice out of convenience.

find your favorite fall candle // Are you team pumpkin scent or apple scent? I go back & forth. My all time favorites include Simmered Cider, Pumpkin Heirlūm, Rustic Pumpkin & Pumpkin Dulce.

go to a new restaurant in your city & make a list of restaurants to try this fall & winter // I have lived in Kansas City for 6 years now and there are still so many places I haven’t been! When the temperature drops & there is less going on in the city, I’m going to finally start checking restaurants off of my bucket list.

go on a fall foliage drive // I moved to KC from New England where my daily commute to work was a fall foliage drive that people came from all over the world to do! Now, I have to work a little harder to find “the spots” but any city or town that is lucky enough to experience the changing of leaves will have beautiful places to drive.

What are you favorite things to do in the Fall?

xo, Morgan

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