Bathroom Organization with Zulily

September 21, 2019

I have been compensated by Zulily for this post. All opinion are my own.

I always drag my feet on organizing different drawers & cabinets in my home, but once I get started it feels so good, and I actually enjoy it! While packing for my last trip my bathroom vanity & make up drawers were needing a little love & some serious clean out & organization.

Tiered Jewelry Organizer // Palette Organizer // Trio Cup // Lipstick Organizer // Lipstick & Cosmetic Storage Box // Vanity Organizer // Brush Organizer // Cosmetic Tray // Leather Jewelry Box

When I was looking for storage pieces I ran across several from Zulily. It surprised me because when I think of Zulily I think of kids clothing, which they do have, but I also found exactly what I needed for my bathroom vanity & cabinets. Zulily not only has clothing & storage bins for great prices, but also shoes, kitchen gadgets, electronics & more. I got a little carried away shopping on their site, but wanted to share with you what I ordered for my make-up.

As soon as you get signed up for the site you will see all the exclusive offers currently going on. I like to use the Shop by Category feature on the top and then by Departments on the left hand side. Zulily has so much to offer so the categories & then suggestions help when I’m on a narrow search.

I love how my bathroom drawers & cabinets feel now that we are cleaned out & organized. Zulily’s great selection of quality pieces made it easy to complete this project & I already have another cart started with items for the kids bathroom drawers.


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