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August 21, 2019

There’s nothing better than a cozy weekend with family. With a new school year upon us (Sutton going to Kindergarten), our schedules & routines are about to change. So, I’m soaking up all the leisure time with these two. Early morning coffee & donut runs, a weekend at the lake & trips to the zoo. Family time is the best, and as long as I can get away with it, we’ll spend our time together matching! 🙂

When I’m looking for leisurewear for the whole family, I always check eBay. They carry a lot my favorite brands and have a wide selection for kids & adults. Adidas has always been a go to brand for our entire family and eBay has head-to-toe Adidas apparel. When I recently checked eBay for current styles, I found that select Adidas clothes and shoes are 75-80% off in August. Perfect timing!

Just like me, my kids love their comfy, cozy outfits and the relaxed fit helps keep our mood light, even after a major spill! 🙂 I love Adidas not only for comfort but for the classic style as well. I rounded up a bunch of classic and trending Adidas styles below from the eBay Adidas shop and all items are up to 60% off retail price – brand new!

As we round out our summer plans and prepare for the school year we’re all smiles; as long as we’re together & have our comfy clothes on!

Becky xx

Outfit Details:

Sutton: Sweatshirt // Joggers // Sneakers

Greyson: Sweatshirt // Track pants // Sneakers

Me: Adidas Sneakers // Adidas Sweatshirt // Joggers


A big thanks to eBay for sponsoring this post!

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