Aug 27

Tuesday Tips & Questions: Volume 23

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great start to your week. I’m looking forward to the long weekend ahead but have lots to share with you this week. Today, I’m answering reader questions, sharing tips & links I’m loving.


Q: Your closet sale looks amazing — do you sell online?

A: Yes, I have items on Poshmark. My username is cellajane. We occasionally add items, so you can follow and get notifications when items go live.

Q: What is your spicy margarita recipe?

A: Find the recipe here.

Q: Where is your to-go smoothie cup from?

A: So happy to have found this glass smoothie cup! It fits in my car cup holders, has a wide straw & is easy to clean (glass part is dishwasher safe).

Q: Where did you get the roses/vase on your vanity? They always look so perfectly arranged.

A: I found that faux arrangement at Home Goods, but love this one of white roses.

Q: Where did you get Greyson’s crib & mattress?

A: There were lots of questions about his crib, mattress, mirror, dresser, etc. All of his nursery details can be found in this blog post. You can get the mattress $50 off with code BECKY50.

Q: Go to date night outfit?

A: Bodysuit, jeans and a heel. Outfit example here.


For an at home skin care treatments, I highly recommend the NuFace NuFace Fix. “A skin firming, smoothing, and tightening Microcurrent Skincare™ duo that instantly targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead in just 3 minutes.” This is a great option when you can’t get in for a treatment, and is a way to save money in between bigger skin treatments.

Did you know wrapping up your cord around your hair tool is damaging to them? Curling irons, blow dryers & straighteners will truly last longer & continue to work the best if you don’t wrap them tightly around themselves. It changes the shape of the cord and kinks wire inside, permanently affecting the cord & cord shape. Instead of wrapping, just loosley collect it and use a cord wrap of sorts to keep it neat & tidy without doing damage to the cord itself.

Instead of wrapping the cords around the tool, control the excess cord by collecting it and using a Velcro wrap to tie it up. This will keep it neat and tidy and will not damage the cord itself.

Another tip in hair tools is to keep them clean — it goes without saying, but taking care of your tools will help them last longer & continue to give you quality performance. Straighteners & curling irons can be cleaned with a damp cloth when they are cool to the touch to remove any build up. A little bit of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth can help with bigger build up. Don’t forget to clean the lint trap at the back of your blow dryer to prevent lint & build up. Pretty minimal effort to keep your investment of quality hair tools in good condition!


Bille Razors // I’ve been loving mine and think they make a really fun & practical gift for your sisters & girlfriends.

Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis // I just started listening to this! I love how she is empowering women. As she talks about mom guilt & how to deal with the pressures of society, it’s really resinating with me. The audible version works great for me – for when I’m driving alone or when I’m doing mindless tasks around the house, I’ll put in my airpods and listen. This by no means makes me listen to the whole book quickly, but I enjoy listening a little at a time to books & podcasts.

Boat Neck Lightweight Sweater // My favorite Amazon sweater that I have in White, comes in a lot of other colors & I just got it in KHAKI – so soft & comfortable. It is one size fits all and a staple I wear every week.

Express Self Tanning Mousse // Love this tanning mousse for a quick tan (only takes 2 hours) and I use the Dark. It has great reviews and I was excited to try it out. It makes you very brown!



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