May 20

15 Things To Do for a Positive Morning

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Alright girls, listen up because I’m here to tell you exactly what things to do every morning so you can be your most successful you! I recently read an article in one of my favorite magazines that highlighted successful people and what they do on a regular basis. Then, I started researching a little more and found several key things they all had in common. After that, I started taking notice of successful people I know, and how they utilize the morning hours each day. What I found were all common things to do every morning that I’ve started implementing in my own life, and you know what? I already feel more productive and am accomplishing more each day too! Some of these may seem daunting, but after one month, I can tell you they aren’t that hard and they really do work! Check them out and then share your tips with me!

Part of my morning to-dos always entail some form of activity and waking my body so having cute activewear always a must! I found some really great and affordable workout wear at Walmart recently! These color block leggings are under $25 and come in a few different colors. I also got this super soft sweatshirt for under $10! I got it in white and black too- you can’t beat that deal. Linking a bunch of few other favorite styles from Walmart – just ordered those biker shorts!

1// Meditate for 5 mins

2// Make your bed – do you guys make your bed everyday? I don’t care how messy my house is- if I have at least made by bed I feel like I have accomplished something!

3// Drink a glass of water – I drink 32 ounces of water before I eat breakfast. It really help cleanses my system and I am hydrated first thing to start the day.

4// Breathe deeply for 30 secs – This gives me time to reflect – be thankful which falls right into #5.

5// Give thanks / pray – if you think about all that you are thankful for first thing, it can really set your tone and state of mind for the day when little things happen. I am truly always thankful each and every day for my family’s health and well- being.

6// Avoid your phone and social media – I dont open my social media for at least an hour or two after waking. Seems crazy since my job is to be on social media but I workout for the first hour then are getting my kids feed and ready for the day.

7// Exercise for 30-45 mins – Highly successful people have this number one habit in common. They get up early and work out to get their day started. This isn’t only important for physical fitness, but also important for your mental focus, function and your metabolism. It is a great way to take time for yourself each day, before the day’s agenda takes its toll on your energy levels. It is also a great way to motivate yourself and has been proven to increase mental function and concentration to everyone who does it. Start by working out for 30 minutes each morning, whether it be a walk around your neighborhood or local park, and then add 10 minutes of stretching, weights or a few yoga poses. Then, increase this time to 45 minutes or an hour if you can, and add weight training or extra cardio. Be sure to stretch regularly after each session to enhance your flexibility too.

8// Avoid snoozing – just get up! snoozing means you fall back asleep and have to force yourself to wake up once again!

9// Plan your day –

10// Right a to do list for the day with check boxes (start with difficult tasks first)

11// Make time for a healthy breakfast – this is SO important. I look forward to my protein smoothie and breakfast every morning. Sets the tone for healthy eating all day.

12// Have a good cup of coffee – best part of my day!

13// Listen to a positive podcast while getting ready or on your way to work – I love listening to podcasts. From parenting, to business, and just funny ones.

14// Declutter work area  – I have to have a clean area to work, which is sometimes hard when you work from home. I try to pick up main area of the home after we have dropped the kids off to school.

15// Tell someone you love them

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Becky xx

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  1. Love all of these tips! It’s so important to stay off your phone! Especially if something negative happens…it just starts your day off on the wrong foot!

  2. Hi Becky! I love your white Adidas in the post. Can you give the details please?

  3. These are all so great!! I need to print this list out and put it on my dresser!