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5 Minute Nightly Skincare Routine

February 14, 2019

I am really excited about today’s post mostly because I am so passionate about skincare and also because it’s a topic that comes up a lot in questions and comments on here and my social media!


One really cool part of my job is getting to test out A LOT of different skincare products. I tried Colleen Rothschild products a few years ago and fell in love with the line and have used it ever since! I am so happy to be partnering with them today and sharing my nightly skincare routine!

One reason I love the Colleen Rothschild skincare line so much is she has not only created products that work, but that smell amazing. It’s like visiting a spa in your very own bathroom every time you wash your face. I had my mom try the products and she said the same thing!

Best of all, Colleen Rothschild products are all formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, PABA, toluene, or benzene. I know a lot of you are really conscientious about using products without those ingredients, so you can rest assured when using these products.

Now onto my 5 minute nightly skincare routine…

Does anyone else find it a struggle to find the energy to wash your face and apply a million different serums and creams that most skincare routines require?  That is my biggest hurdle when it comes to maintaining a consistent skincare routine. Enter Colleen Rothschild line. With just a few steps I have found a routine that is simple, yet effective. And a routine that is luxurious, that won’t break the bank. I appreciate a skincare routine that requires minimal effort but produces maximum results. Colleen Rothschild products will leave your skin feeling absolutely amazing, perfect for any age or skin type.


WASH my face with Balancing Gel Cleanser that you can use in the AM/PM, it’s simple, yet effective. Or, you can use the Radiant Cleansing Balm one of my favorite CR products and one of their bestsellers! It takes everything off and makes your skin feel so nice, smooth, and clean. They just released the new Cocoa Bean Cleansing Balm, and it is just as amazing, if not better! I love how indulgent it smells and every time I use I feel like I am at a spa!


I LOVE LOVE this Matcha Tea Treatment Toner.  This toner helps detox the skin and minimize the look of pores, plus it reduces the appearance of redness AND helps prevent future breakouts. Beyond all that, it smells divine.


HYDRATE your face with Face Oil N°9. Yall. I use this product very generously. Your face will GLOW and feel absolutely amazing but without the greasy residue. It is hands down my fav product right now. Your skin will soak in all the luscious moisture overnight, creating a youthful glow overnight. A must have!!


MOISTURIZEwith the Extreme Recovery Cream. Apply on top of the Face Oil N°9 to lock in ALL the moisture. Use this product generously, to give your skin the moisture it needs to reduce fine lines. You will go to bed glowing!


The area around your eye is so thin and sensitive, you really do have to take care of it or you’ll feel like you look a lot more tired as you get older. This eye serum is an amazing eye cream that fights skin damage and aging with retinol. This product has Saloprine which increase moisture levels by 6000% in 28 days. The more moisture, the more youthful your skin looks. I use this every single night and TIP* any excess put around the pout of your mouth where fine lines start to develop.

Right now is the perfect time to purchases products because it’s Customer Appreciation Week and when purchase $150 of Colleen Rothschild products you receive $50 off with code: CAS50! This is such a great promo and it only lasts until Monday 02/18!

A few other noteworthy and favorite Colleen Rothschild Products:

Balancing Gel Cleanser another cleanser option. I like to use in the morning and some nights and the cleansing balm other nights.

Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum   (lightens dark spots and the appearance of pores and fine lines)

 Retinol Supreme Night Oil (love that this has the anti-aging benefits of retinol but without the drying effect on your skin!o

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you found a product or 2 to suit your skin needs!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!  I’ll be sure to respond to all questions and I can always ask the Colleen Rothschild team for you if I’m unsure!  Once again, thank you for reading!

Becky xx

A big thanks to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own!


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  1. Hello! These products are a great price point with the promotion and based off your review and the reviews of other users, it looks like they really work! I have a small budget for skincare products, but I really want to purchase the 5 you recommended. I was just wondering how long these products last if you use them nightly (i.e. how many months roughly) and if you can use some of these products in your morning routine as well. Thank you!!