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Simple Halloween Costumes You Can Rewear

October 24, 2018

Halloween is vastly approaching and I wanted to share with you what Sutton and Greyson are going to be this year! Plus some fun options for us moms you can rewear again!

This year Sutton is going to be a Monarch Butterfly and Greyson is going to be lion! Pottery Barn always has the best costumes for kids and they are all currently on sale with a bunch of other adorable options! I had to hide Sutton’s costume from her this year because she kept wanting to wear it to school! After Halloween I add the costumes to the kids dress up trunks so the can play with them throughout the year.

Do you moms dress up with your kids? I can never get Michael to dress up with me but I always like to throw on something to feel a little festive while we are out Trick or Treating and Sutton always loves it! Last year it was freezing here in KC so I thought this Faux Leapard Print Jacket would be perfect for a cooler evening walking door to door. I also figured I have other leopard print options, so if the weather does change, which if you know Kansas you know you can never predict the weather so I can always pick a different, cooler top. I’m going to add these ears and use my liquid liner to add a nose.

Other Animal Print Options //

Faux Leopard Bomber Jacket  (under $100)

LNA Leopard Sweater (under $200)

UO Animal Print Cardigan (under $150)





After focusing on the kids costumes I am always looking for a easy option for myself. I love the idea of getting pieces I will wear again. Teddy Bear Jackets are super in right now so you can add some ears with this jacket and have the perfect costume to wear. I have also add some other options if you girls are looking for outfits you can wear with your kids and also wear again this fall and winter!



Mama Bear // Teddy Bear Jacket, Bear Ears, Jeans, Boots


Bank Robber // Black and White Stripe Shirt (under $20), Black Jeans, Black Beanie


Black Cat // Black Leather Jacket// Black Jeans // Cat Ears// Liquid Liner


Last years costumes:

Greyson’s Costume // Sutton’s Costume

For last years full blog post and more pictures click here.

This years costumes:

Sutton’s Costume // Greyson’s Costume (similar) // My Look- UO Leopard Print Jacket // Fuzzy Ears


Hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!

Xx Becky

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