How To Layer Necklaces & My Current Favorites

One of my most asked questions lately is for the details on my layered necklaces. I love layering gold necklaces and I change them out often. Today I am sharing my most worn pieces below and 5 tips on how to layer the perfect necklace stack!

For me, a layered look completes any outfit, including jewelry! If there is one thing you can count on seeing in most of my looks, it’s gold necklaces.

Necklaces: Smith & Mara Initial Necklace (worn for 2 years straight) // Ania Haie Long Chain Roman Coin Necklace // Zodiac Stack (similar here for $60)


My most worn pieces are the smith and mara initial necklace (similar here for under $50), my Ania Haie long chain Roman coins necklace, and my Zodiac necklace (similar here for $60). They’re a staple piece that can easily be layered. The beauty of them is the versatility they give you. I can wear them with every single outfit.

Here are five tips when it comes to layering your necklaces:

1 // Wear at least 3 necklaces at a time. Sometimes I do 2 but most times it’s 3 to really achieve that layered look.

2 // Mix up the length of your necklaces

Be sure you’ve got a good mix of clearly defined lengths, starting from the shortest of 14″ to the longest at 33″.

3 // Keep your metal unified – for a more cohesive look.

4 // Add length with a lariat – this necklace style plunges down the neckline creating length on the upper body.

5 // Personalize your layers with initial necklaces, zodiac signs etc.

When it comes to buying necklaces, I think it’s better to invest a little bit more money for a high-quality one because you can get so much wear out of them. (They don’t have to be super pricey, you can find good quality necklaces at around $50-$60 range). The problem I find with cheaper gold necklaces is that they start to fade or leave a green tint on your skin just after 2-3 wears. Right now the affordable ones I really are from Natalie B Jewelry. Below are a couple options I selected for you to curate your own gold necklace collection.

1 / Zodiac Coin Necklace  2 / Double Necklace in Gold 3 / Zodiac Necklace   4 / Locket Necklace  5 / Wanderlust Lariat Crescent necklace  6 / Initial Necklace

1 / Double Coin Necklace 2 / Initial Necklace  3 /Melanie Auld Luna Necklace  4 / Melanie Auld Lariat  5 / 5 disc choker Necklace

Outfit Details

Lace Cami // Knit Cardigan // Short // Hoop Earrings // Gucci Bag

Becky xx

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  1. I love this look! What is your mani/pedi nail polish color? It looks great with every look!

  2. Obsessed with the layered look! I’ve been eyeing the Roman empress neckless! It looks so good with all of your outfits!

  3. I love this look! What nail polish are you using for your mani/pedi? It looks great with every outfit!

  4. I love this look on your Becky these necklaces are beautiful! 😍

  5. Great post! First, your outfit is gorgeous, and second, these are amazing tips. I’m more for simple looks and single strands, but you layer your necklaces beautifully.


  6. This was super helpful! Definitely ordering the locket necklace from Revolve!!

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