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October 5, 2017

Chenille Sweater (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Levi Jeans // Chloe Faye Bag 

Happy (almost) weekend! Today, I am sharing a little Instagram Roundup featuring a few recent outfit photos. I try to do a roundup post at least once a month, where I include fit details, and leave it open for any questions, below in my comments. I also have a SHOP INSTAGRAM‘ page on my site that shares real time instagram details for those who don’t use Like to Know IT.


Free People Cardigan // Camisole // AGoldE Jean Shorts (fit: runs large, size down one size)

Wide Leg Pants (Fit: TTS, wearing size 4) // Lavin Bag //Jimmy Choo Pumps

Blouse similar here // Joggers under $40 (fit: runs big, size down) // Waterfall Trench (fit: TTS)

Suede Booties // Levi’s Jeans (fit: TTS)  //Suede Moto Jacket similar here // Chloe Faye Bag 

Leggings Lululemon similar here // Pullover Sweater (fits: TTS)

Levi Jeans (fit: TTS)  // Pink Flyod Tee // Cozy Cardi under $50 (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Chloe Faye Bag 

Levi Jeans // Cardigan (fit: TTS, wearing size s/m) // Chloe Faye Bag 

Levi’s Jeans (fit: TTS) // Chloe Faye Bag  // Suede Moto Jacket similar here // Suede Booties

Free People Pullover Sweater  (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Pink Joggers under $30 (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Phone Case // Necklace

Sweater (under $40 (fit: TTS, wearing size s/m) // Levi Jeans // Curl Tutorial here

Wrap Sweater – can wear as a cardigan too (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Chloe Marcie Bag

I couldn’t resist throwing this in. Love this pic so much.


Ivory Cardigan under $60 (fits: TTS wearing size small) // Levi Jeans

Free People Sweater back in stock! (fits: TTS, wearing size small) // // Jean Shorts (fit: run big, size down)

Levi’s Jeans (fit: TTS) // Chloe Marcie Bag // Boots // Blank NYC suede Moto (fit: TTS)

Pink Joggers under $30 (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Chenille Sweater (fit: TTS) 

Levi’s Jeans (fit: TTS) // Suede Moto Jacket similar here // Chloe Faye Bag 

Cardigan (fit: TTS, wearing size xs/s ) // Sleep Romper TTS

Chloe Faye Bag  // Jimmy Choo Pumps // Olive Green Joggers (fit: TTS, wearing size small) // Olive Green Cold Shoulder Sweater (fit: TTS, wearing size small)

Long Lightweight Cardi (fit: TTS) // Studded Slip-ons // Levi Jeans // Chloe Faye Bag 

Sneakers // Sweater // Leggings

Any questions on sizing or fit, feel fre

Becky xx

ps-You can always find my outfit details on my ‘SHOP INSTAGRAM‘ page here. Bookmark for easing finding on your phone!

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  1. Are the pink joggers you’re wearing exact from H&M? Or just similar? I really love the ones you are wearing.