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Greyson 7 Month Update

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Hello friends! So it’s been awhile since I last shared an update on Greyson! I am never sure if you guys are interested in reading that or not, but it seems like the feedback I am getting is that you all enjoy reading. So today I wanted to share how Grey’s doing after we weaned him out of the Snoo, as well as his schedule he is currently on!

As I mentioned, we are 7 months in with Grey and he is just the happiest, most chill baby I could have ever asked for.

He smiles, he laughs, he sits on his own, his chubby cheeks finally came in and he doesn’t miss a beat, he is so aware of his surroundings. He is still going strong on his sleep game and lets me sleep all night and even gives me time to eat, shower and exercise (mega luxuries!)

Mima High-Chair // Grey’s Onesie 

Sample of Greyson’s day

7:30am Wakes – change diaper and drinks around 8 oz of milk.

8AM breakfast – oatmeal and pureed banana  – his favorite

Then play with toys, some independent play.

9:15/9:30 – Nap time (he currently sleeps in his crib, swaddled with sound machine and blackout shades

11:30 Wakes – change diaper and drinks around 6-8 oz of milk

12:00 – Lunch – pureed sweet potato or some vegetable combo

1:30 – Nap

3:00 Wakes 8 oz of milk

4:30 (some days he takes a 30 min catnap)

5:00 Dinner – pureed sweet potato or some vegetable combo

6:00 Bathtime – bathes, then lotion, pjs

6:15/30 Bedtime – 8 oz of milk

6:45 Put him down to sleep awake, swaddled, with the sound machine and blackout shades pulled.

This schedule is typically what Greyson is on. Not all days are like this, but we stay pretty consistent. Some days he eats less or more. One important thing we have always done with Greyson is to put him down to sleep when he is still awake so that he learns to fall asleep on his own. Before any nap or bedtime, Greyson always shows signs of sleepiness, with a yawn or rubbing his eyes, so I know he is ready to sleep. The trick is not to put them down too early when they aren’t tired enough to fall asleep on their own.


(for my full Snoo review, read here.)

Okay, so we FINALLY transitioned Greyson from the Snoo to his crib. I’m not going to lie, I was worried it was going to be difficult to get him used to sleep in the crib, so I sort of kept putting it off. Then one day for his nap, I just moved him to his crib and he slept just fine. That evening, I did the same thing and put him to bed in his crib. Lo and behold he slept right through the night like he normally does. Here is why I think he did so well transitioning from the Snoo to the crib….

1. Make sure to turn on the “Wean” switch on your Snoo at 4 months. We turned it on at 4 months and that helped a ton! You can turn the wean on with the Happiest Baby app. It’s really easy!

2. We kept Greyson in the same swaddled that we used for the Snoo, for his crib. Did you know you can use those swaddles outside the snoo? It’s pretty amazing! Just ignore the wings, they do no harm. Greyson is still sleeping in the medium Snoo Sleepsack.

3. Over the next couple months, we will start to transition him out of the swaddle using the Snoo swaddle sack #3, that has arm holes, leaving one arm out to start, then eventually two, with the end result being him just sleep sack.



Just remember, every baby is different. Don’t drive yourself crazy thinking your baby should be on a perfect schedule because that will drive you crazy. Sutton’s schedule was way different than Grey’s when she was this old.

Any questions, feel free to leave below in my comments section and I will be happy to answer!

Becky xx

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  1. Love this post and love your content! Our LO is 3 months and coming up on 4. We plan to use the wean mode on the snoo and happy to hear it works well! You mentioned you let your LO sleep in their snoo snack when transitioned to the crib. I read that babies who start to roll should not be swaddled? Any thoughts? I love the idea of keep LO in the snoo swaddle but not sure what to do! I’m a first time mama so just looking for different advise all around [:

  2. Hi! I’m due in November with my first & doing lots of research on the Snoo and came across your blog. I see you did Babywise too and I really want to use their sleep training methods. Do you think the Snoo helped with sleep training?

    • Yes 100%! I shared more of a snoo review here — I think it taught him to soothe himself with the movements, instead of a parent having to come in – same with the sounds it makes.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I, like one of the other posters, know you aren’t a baby expert but it helps to have advice from another mom! My baby boy is 4 months and I was wondering when you stopped the cluster feeding? We switched to formula but when he was on breastmilk he was not spitting up during cluster feeding and then we go to formula and he spits up only during cluster feed so I am wondering if its time to stop cluster feeding? Also at four months how often did you feed like every 3 hours or every 4?

    • Maybe he is getting enough from the formula and he doesn’t need to cluster feed. They say babies are fuller longer from formula. I was nursing when i did cluster feedings. At four months we would feed every 3 hours.

  4. At what age did you stop your last routine before commencing this one?
    Thanks 🙂

    • I followed the babywise schedule and had anticipated when we were going to change his routine or drop a feeding and stretch out the time in between feedings longer. I try to go off of Greyson’s cues, like just recently I dropped his 4pm feeding bc he wasnt eating as much at bedtime and I knew he was ready to drop that snack at 4pm in order to get a full feeding at 630pm. Hope this helps!

  5. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of formula do you give to Grey? I have to start supplementing with my daughter soon and was curious what other mamas prefer!

    • We use Enfamil but my sister, but I also heard Costco formula is just as good! We may try that soon! Some babies have more sensitive tummies than others, so they are other formulas available. xx

  6. I know you are not claiming to be a baby whisperer but a couple questions if you feel like answering: at what age did you start to put him down before he was asleep? I have a 9 week old and I was curious if this would work at this age. Also, before he was eating solid foods, how close to a feeding did you put him down at night? Did you let him cluster feed until he was fully down? I know all babies are different, just curious.

    • I probably started around 15 weeks and he would be more sleepy at that age when I put him down, aside from now at 7 months. Cluster feedings at night went from about 5-9 and I put him down right after his last feeding. xx

  7. Does Greyson roll over yet? my baby is almost 4 months and everyone says to transition out of the swaddle in fear of her rolling over swaddled. I would really like to wait.

    • He does roll over but he can’t when he is swaddled. Once he starts getting out of his swaddle and trying to roll over, I will transition out of swaddle which will probably be soon. xx

  8. This is so helpful. My little guy is 6 months and still waking me up at night. He slept for 10-12 hours without waking from 3 weeks to 3 months and then just stopped. I kept telling everyone that he was hungry, but they just swore that he only needed a max of 4oz per bottle. I’ve recently moved him to 5oz, but I’m going to increase it again! Hopefully I can get my supply up to pump enough for him!

    • So glad to hear. Yes, Grey eats a lot! Don’t feel bad having to supplement with formula. They need full bellies to sleep well. Good luck mama and I am sure your supply will adjust with an extra pumping or so! xx

  9. Thank you for sharing his schedule. I have a 7 week old baby and I wasn’t sure how many times he will feed per day as he gets older. Right now he eats 7 times a day and sleeps 5 hour stretches at night. My question is how do you know Grey is getting 6-8 oz of breast milk per feed? I worry my supply will decrease if my baby only eats 4 times a day.

    • So we just started to supplement Greyson’s feedings with formula. For my first baby (Sutton) I breastfed until she was 11 months old, and as she got older and had less feedings, I would have to pump several times a day to keep up my supply. Hope this helps!

  10. Does he ever put up a fuss before naps or bedtime? Or wake up at all during the night? If so, what do you do?

    • Yes he will cry a little sometimes. I let him cry for a couple mins before going in, to see if he can settle himself. If he doesn’t then we will go in an give him a bink or shhhhhh him.

  11. This is extremely helpful. Although i think I missed the 4 month mark. He’s 5 months and still not being weaned. Tonight’s the night!!

    • Good luck mama!! It may take a couple nights to get use to it. Stay strong! xx