Healthy Low-Cal Banana Pancakes

April 10, 2013

So I have been wanting to try this Healthy Banana Pancake Recipe. My husband LOVES french toast, as do I, but I wanted to find a healthier option and here it is!

This recipe is great because it’s 100% natural, low-calorie, gluten free, flourless and easy!! It’s only 2-3 ingredients! Bananas and eggs. I added a little cinnamon, you can do that or add a little vanilla flavoring.

Use 1 banana to 1 egg. Mash the banana and egg and sprinkle cinnamon or a little vanilla. 

Spray some Pam or EVO on your pan and make it just like a regular pancake.

1 egg and 1 banana makes two good sized pancakes. 

Top with fresh fruit and/or light/sugar free syrup. They are AMAZING! They taste so similar to real pancakes but healthier and guilt-free!  I couldn’t get how simple and easy they were to make! These are a must try!!

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