5 Healthy Hair Tips To Grow Your Hair

April 8, 2013

1. Use only ONE form of heat on your hair.  I know this may be hard for some of you who shower or wash your hair in the morning, but try showering at night and letting your hair air dry. Then in the morning you will only need to use form of heat to style your hair. Or if you cannot go without blow drying, try using a round brush to obtain a smooth blow out look. There are some days when I can get away without using any heat on my hair. Anytime I can do this, I will! Try doing a top knot bun or not styling your hair all weekend if you don’t have plans. There are occasions when I do use a blow dryer and curling iron, but it’s not every day. I am not saying it is awful to use both a blow dyer and hot tool on your hair, but give it a break! You will start to see you hair getting healthier.

2. Use a leave in conditioner. I SWEAR by using a leave in conditioner! My favorite is UNTE 7 Seconds Leave-in Conditioner. It smells amazing and takes only 7 seconds to work. If I don’t have this after I shower, I cant comb through my hair. You don’t want to be yanking on your hair and breaking it while combing it. Hair is especially weak when wet. So make sure you are using a leave in condition so it’s easier to comb out. UNITE’s Leave-in conditioner is also a thermal and UV protector. So it provides added protection.

3. Use an Argan Oil. My favorite is UNITE U LUXURY D Frizz . It smells better than any argan oil I have tried, including MorrocanOil. It also it’s not thick like the others. I apply Argan oil mainly on my ends. Depending on how dry your hair is will determine how much argan you want to use. This also helps your hair dry faster, so if you want to try letting your hair air dry, this will speed up the process a bit. This also conditions and protects your hair.

4. Use a good shampoo and conditioner. LADIES! Why spend money on a good color and cut and then ruin it with using cheap products?? Trust me, if you use salon professional products you will actually save money because your hair will be better treated and color will last longer. Sulfate free products are even better. I love my UNITE and I use their smoothing shampoo and conditioner. The UNITE line is free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride, and is color safe and vegan free. There are plenty of great lines out there, make sure you are using a good one. Ask your stylist what they recommend.
Another good tip, try combing your hair out in the shower. Use a wide tooth comb and do it while the conditioner still in your hair. I just started doing this because my hair can get so tangled and hard to comb, and it works!

5. Massage your scalp and take a multi-daily vitamin. Vitamins help your hair grow especially biotin, A, B and E.  My hair stylist just told me that massaging the scalp can help your hair grow as well.

Find a great hairdresser! You want a stylist that you trust with your locks and are happy with the results every time! Luckily my hair stylist is my best friend. Kirby, owns an amazing salon called Kontempo. and he was the one who begged me to do ombre years ago and I was on the fence. I almost didn’t do it! I am so glad we did it.
He does such an amazing job every time and I trust him 110% with my hair. He knows that I don’t do well with change, so he tries his best to change up my look while keeping me happy! Kirby also gives the best tips and tricks!

Kirby working his magic.
My wedding day. Kirby did an amazing job on my hair and being at my side all day:)

Do you guys have any great tips or tricks on keeping your hair healthy? Do share!

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  1. To utilise essential oil as a pre-shampoo hair treatment, you can deeply massage it through your hair and scalp. Cover a towel around your hair after application and wait for about thirty minutes before you wash it thoroughly. Eventhough it is very rare, argan oil can be purchased through various online stores as well as beauty supply retailers. essential oil

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  3. You look stunning on your wedding day! Your hairdresser did a fantastic job making your special day, extra special. Honestly, because I can see that your hair is very long, healthy and shiny. I would definitely follow all the tips that you've written here. I hope the same works for me!

    Paola Basilio

  4. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I am trying to get mine there! The problem I run into is working out. There is no way I can go without washing my hair and I work out M-Th so I wash it every day. I don't want to dry it out but there's no way I can go without washing my hair when I work out.


  5. Great tips! I usually wash my hair like every 2-3 days depending on the amount of oil/sweat & product… Also, I love my hair color so I don't color it.. and I fully agree about a leave in conditioner and oil saves my hair every time!