Trip Highlights-Puerto Vallarta

March 13, 2013

Villa Dos Primos, Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

House we stayed at.
Back of house.
The house was open air. This picture was from our room,
The landscape was so beautiful.

 Family room.


Rooftop view.
Rooftop view.

Lounging off our balcony.

Best shrimp tacos I ever had. I am going to try recreate this weekend.
Family day drinking.
Sunset with my love.
View at dinner. Yes, those are flying men.
Downtown PV
My mom with the sandmen. These guys where at the same spot and did this all day long every day. 
Notice the stacked rocks? A husband and his wife would re-stack them every morning.
Can’t get any fresher than this! (Everything involved a Corona or Margarita:)
My little sister getting demolished by the waves. Quite funny.
Trying to make the heart shape in water with a hair flip. We tried at least 15 times…
End result, you can sort of see the heart.

Mikoh swimwear reposted our picture on instagram! I was so excited. As mentioned in my last post, they are my most favorite swimwear line!

I almost stepped on this lizard just chilling on the sidewalk.
Got one workout in. Did enough walking each day, didn’t need to workout.
Look what my husband did for me on our morning run:)

Gorgeous views.
Part of my wonderful family. We missed my older sister and her husband and their two kids.

Well there you have it, highlights of our trip to Puerto Vallarta. It went by so fast, but we had an amazing time.

An update to one of my previous posts, I failed big time on packing. Somehow my luggage that I checked was 64 pounds, 14 pounds over the weight limit! I didn’t even think to weigh it, ugh! I was not happy. It costs $25 to check a bag but if you are over the weight limit, it is $90! So needless to say, I was that girl, opening up her suitcase, trying to take out what I could to get to my 50 pound weight limit. On top of that, after unloading my suitcase and finally got to security, we waited in line only to realize we left our boarding passes back at the check-in. It was not a good morning to start but we made it! The weekend we got home we got 8 inches of snow, what a welcome back!

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