3 Easy Ways to Burn Calories.

March 15, 2013

Want some easy ways to burn calories throughout the day?

Some you may be doing them already! They are super easy and HEALTHY!

1. Eat negative calorie foods. What are negative calorie foods? See my list below.

(Feel free to pin onto your pinterest board as a quick and easy reference)

The foods are all colorful, fresh and healthy fruits and veggies. Why are they negative calorie? They burn more calories when being digested than they offer.  These fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber and water, which keeps you full and hydrated. So easy right!?

2, Drink ice water. Your body burns calories to heat cold water! They say the body will burn around 8 calories for every cup you drink. It’s not a significant amount, so don’t go chug a bottle of water then eat a candy bar.  Drinking water will keep you hydrated, stay fuller and eat less.

I, personally, have a hard time drinking lots of water, so I tried this recipe I saw online. You add a sliced Lady Gala Apple and cinnamon sticks to a pitcher of ice water. Throw it in the fridge and drink it throughout the day. This was a nice change to my plain water. (I didn’t have cinnamon sticks so I substituted the ground cinnamon instead)

3. Boost metabolism by adding cayenne pepper to your food twice a day!

Cayenne pepper heats up your body, and when your body is hot, it burns calories to get back to a cooler temperature. Cayenne pepper is easy incorporate into your meals. Trying adding some on your eggs in the morning, or on your grilled chicken for lunch or dinner. Sprinkle on your veggies, cottage cheese, or hummus! So many different ways.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are having a dinner party this weekend and it’s Mexican themed.  I will be trying out some new recipes, including trying to recreate the shrimp tacos we had in Puerto Vallarta. I can’t wait to share!


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  2. I love adding pepper to my food—now non-spicy foods taste weird to me haha. I'll definitely keep your chart nearby when I'm in a snacking mood.



  3. I add cayenne to everything! It's good for your digestive system and heart as well, bonus! I'm going to half to try the flavored water 🙂