How I packed for Mexico Trip

As you are reading this I will be on my way to Puerto Vallarta! Michael, myself, my parents and my little sister departed Omaha at 5:30am, yes that’s am. It is a very early start but will put us in Mexico at 1:20. I can’t wait for warm weather, sand, the ocean and lots of good food and drinks!
As I started packing I realize I didn’t have a post ready for Friday and I thought why don’t I share how I pack for a trip to Mexico.

Packing for me can get out of control, I have all these outfit ideas, swimsuit and cover-up outfits in my head. I always pack way too much! Shoes always get me in trouble, they are what takes up the most space! So this time I tried simplifying my packing strategy.

I started off with choosing my swimsuits, Since that is what I will be wearing most of the time, I packed 7 suits for the 7 days. I have a slight obsession with suits. My favorite line right now is Mikoh. Michael got me my first mikoh suit and since I have added 2 more to my swim collection. They are so comfortable and love how they fit. I stalk their instagram and drool over all the cute suits and pics they post.

Next was shoes. I told myself, one pair of wedges, and the rest flat sandals. For packing purposes, I can’t afford adding in a couple other pairs of wedges, they would take up half my suitcase space.
I found a cute pair  of flats at Target today (see pic below) for our $17, what a steal! I wanted a sandal option to wear that if they got ruined I wouldn’t be upset. So this pair with be my go to pair for the trip.I also, packed a pair of tennis shoes, if I decide to go for a hike and can wear for excursions.

Next I tackled my evening attire. Instead of throwing a bunch of options and overloading my suitcase, I decided this time to pre-plan some outfits.

Next, I packed a bunch of basic tanks, tees, shorts, skirts, my fav jean cut offs, swim cover-ups, jewelry, and a couple workout tanks and pants.

My must have beauty products for the trip are:

UNITE 7 Seconds Leave-in conditioner- I can’t comb my hair without this and plus it will add extra protection and condition from the salty ocean and pools.
UNITE ULuxury D Frizz- I have been using argan oil for several years now and absolutely love the smell of Uluxury. Plus the fact it’s a spray, it goes on light and even.
UNITE Boosta Spray-to get beachy waves.
Obagi Sun shield SPF 50-will be on my hands, neck and chest the entire time.
Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-this product works like a sunscreen but is applied like a powder. So it gets rid of a greasy face and gives you sun protection. Love this product.
Revision Intellishade! This was not pictured, already packed away and will be on my face every day.

Last items..carry on items. iPad loaded with several new books:), magazines, sunglasses,  cross body purse, headphones..yes those are beats by dre and my most favorite purchase for the trip Jcrew Panama Hat.  Not pictured my healthy snacks…almonds, crystal light packets, and gum.

I will be gone till next Friday, so Cella Jane won’t be updated next week. I will be on my instagram, so follow me on there for picture updates from the trip! I would love to hear from you all! My account is @beccajohh. Sorry for any typos, this post was late and I am one tired gal.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I thought I did good this time…however at the airport this morning I was 64lbs…14lbs over limit and $90 later:/ Next time I will remember to measure!

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