Bikini Bod Tips

February 26, 2013

So in less than 3 days I will be on the warm beaches of Puerto Vallarta! Michael and I leave Friday, along with my parents, my younger sister and her boyfriend and I cannot wait! It will be so nice to get away from the cold weather and dreary snowy/muddy Nebraska terrain. And…since I will be in a bikini in t minus 3 days and summer is only a few months away I wanted to share some Bikini Bod Tips!

1. Work it out! Don’t make excuses, now is the time to go get your work out on, be it at the gym, outside or at home! Try to aim for 3-4 days of getting your heart rate up and your body sweating!

2. Drink lots of water! Did you know that most of the times when you are hungry, you are actually dehydrated and just need water! So try drinking a bottle of water before each time you eat. It will fill you up faster. I just started chugging a bottle of water each day when I wake up. It’s good for your body inside and out!
3. Say goodbye to alcohol for a few days. Your liver and skin will thank you. 

4. Try to cut carbs from one meal, focus on getting satisfying protein and fiber filled veggies.

5. Just remember, eat clean and fresh. You will never regret making a healthy choice!

What to eat? Here is an example of a some of my meals:

Breakfast: Protein shake or oatmeals with fresh berries, cinnamon, truvia and sliced almonds. Coffee and at least one bottle of water.

Snack: Mangos (can I tell you how obsessed I am with this fruit, it is amazing!)

My Daisy likes em too.

Lunch: Fresh salad with grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and light dressing (I like balsamic vinegar and oliveoil) or open faced turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mustard with hummus and veggies.

Snake: Yogurt with fiber one or bran cereal and protein shake before gym.

Dinner: Small salad with light dressing. Grilled fish or chicken and load up on veggies!! Brussel sprouts are my favorite sautéed in olive oil, lots of pepper and garlic salt or fresh sautéed broccoli and half a baked potato or sweet potato.

Snack: My favorite of lately, fresh blueberries and or strawberries with light whipped cream and yogurt mixed together.

 (I did slack a bunch this weekend since it was Michael’s birthday and my work’s Christmas party….lots of eating and drinking) Remember, we are humans and not perfect, just try to stay on track 70% off the time:)

Breakfast for Michael on his birthday. His favorite is french toast.

Hope these tips all help!

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