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My Guide to 30A

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  1. Citizen: A trendy spot with a modern, eclectic menu featuring creative dishes and craft cocktails.
  2. Pescado: Elevate your seafood experience at Pescado, known for its rooftop bar, upscale atmosphere, and a menu showcasing fresh catches.
  3. Paradis: A fine dining establishment offering a sophisticated menu with a focus on fresh, local ingredients in a stylish setting.
  4. Fonville Press (Alys Beach): Nestled in the charming Alys Beach community along 30A, Fonville Press is a delightful blend of a café, bookstore, and community hub. With its inviting atmosphere and stylish design, it offers a perfect setting to enjoy artisanal coffee, gourmet pastries, and light bites. The outdoor courtyard provides a relaxed space to unwind. Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee to go or spending a leisurely afternoon, Fonville Press is a must-visit for those seeking a cozy spot with a touch of sophistication.
  5. Raw & Juicy (Alys Beach): For a refreshing and health-conscious stop in Alys Beach, Raw & Juicy stands out. This vibrant spot offers an array of fresh, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and wholesome snacks. The menu emphasizes organic and locally sourced ingredients, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a nutritious boost. The laid-back atmosphere and outdoor seating add to the appeal, creating a perfect spot to grab a revitalizing drink or snack while exploring the beautiful surroundings of Alys Beach.
  6. The Perfect Pig: Indulge in Southern-inspired dishes and delectable brunch options in a charming atmosphere.
  7. Bud & Alley’s Waterfront Restaurant: Enjoy Gulf views and fresh seafood at this iconic spot, known for its beachside setting and tasty menu.
  8. Great Southern Café: Delight in a mix of Southern and Caribbean flavors with dishes like Grits à Ya Ya and Blackened Fish Tacos.
  9. Chanticleer Eatery: This hidden gem offers a diverse menu featuring seafood, steak, and innovative appetizers in a cozy setting.
  10. Cowgirl Kitchen: A casual eatery with a laid-back vibe, offering delicious tacos, sandwiches, and salads.
  11. The Bay: A waterfront restaurant with a diverse menu, serving seafood, sushi, and Southern classics in a family-friendly setting.
  12. Grayton Seafood Co.: A seafood lover’s paradise, known for its fresh catches and a relaxed atmosphere.
  13. La Crema Tapas & Chocolate: Experience a taste of Spain with a variety of tapas, paired with a selection of fine wines and decadent chocolates.
  14. Cuvee 30A: Indulge in upscale dining with a Gulf view, featuring a menu that blends traditional and modern flavors.
  15. FOOW (Fish Out of Water): Located in WaterColor, this restaurant offers coastal cuisine with a Gulf view, highlighting fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients.


  1. The Donut Hole: Treat your little ones to delightful breakfasts and sweet treats at The Donut Hole, a family-friendly spot known for its delicious pastries.
  2. Blue Mountain Beach Creamery: Indulge in homemade ice cream and family-friendly flavors in a charming setting, perfect for a sweet treat after a day at the beach.
  3. Stinky’s Fish Camp: Despite its quirky name, Stinky’s Fish Camp is a family-friendly seafood joint where kids can enjoy fresh catches in a casual, laid-back atmosphere.
  4. Pizza by the Sea: A local favorite, this pizzeria offers a kid-friendly menu with customizable pizza options, making it a great choice for families.
  5. The Red Bar: This iconic spot is not only known for its eclectic decor but also for being family-friendly. Enjoy a diverse menu in a lively atmosphere.
  6. Seagrove Village MarketCafé: A charming market café with a kid-friendly menu, offering sandwiches, salads, and tasty treats. The outdoor seating adds to the relaxed vibe.
  7. Shades Bar and Grill: With a diverse menu that includes kid-friendly options, Shades Bar and Grill is a welcoming spot for families, offering a casual dining experience.
  8. Goatfeathers Seafood Market: Get fresh seafood to-go or dine in at Goatfeathers, where the family can enjoy a beach picnic with flavorful dishes.
  9. The Melt Down on 30A: Grilled cheese lovers rejoice! The Melt Down offers a variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that kids and adults will love.
  10. Charlie’s Donut Truck: Find this popular food truck in Alys Beach, offering freshly made donuts that are sure to be a hit with the little ones.


While 30A is known for its beautiful beaches, it also offers several fantastic playgrounds for kids to enjoy. Here are five kid-friendly playgrounds in the area:

  1. Seaside Playground:
    Located in the heart of Seaside, this playground is a haven for kids. With colorful equipment, a grassy area for picnics, and proximity to charming shops and eateries, it’s a perfect spot for families to unwind.
  2. Rosemary Beach Playground:
    Nestled in the scenic Rosemary Beach community, this playground offers a safe and well-maintained play space. Surrounded by beautiful architecture and green spaces, it’s an ideal spot for kids to play while parents relax.
  3. Gulf Place Green:
    Gulf Place is not just about the beach. The green space here hosts a playground where kids can have a blast. It’s a great location with nearby cafes, making it convenient for families to grab a snack after playtime.
  4. Helen McCall Park in Santa Rosa Beach:
    This park boasts a large playground area with various structures for different age groups. The park also features sports fields and walking trails, providing a range of activities for families to enjoy together.
  5. Bayfront Park in Sandestin:
    For a unique playground experience, head to Bayfront Park. With stunning views of the bay, this playground offers a picturesque setting for kids to play. There are also walking paths and picnic areas for a complete family outing.


A few activities to enjoy while in 30A:

  1. Beach Day: Relax and soak up the sun on the pristine beaches of 30A. Whether it’s building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply lounging with a good book, the beaches offer a perfect backdrop for relaxation.
  2. Bike Along the Scenic 30A Bike Path: Rent a bike and explore the scenic beauty of 30A along the Timpoochee Trail. The dedicated bike path takes you through charming neighborhoods and coastal landscapes.
  3. Explore Seaside: Wander through the iconic town of Seaside, known for its pastel-colored houses, quirky shops, and vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss the Seaside Farmers Market if you’re there on a Saturday.
  4. Kayaking in Coastal Dune Lakes: Venture into the unique coastal dune lakes found along 30A. Rent a kayak and explore these rare ecosystems, which offer a different experience from the traditional beach scene.
  5. Visit Grayton Beach State Park: Immerse yourself in nature at Grayton Beach State Park. Hike the trails, go birdwatching, and enjoy the stunning scenery. The park also has a pristine beach.
  6. Dine at Local Restaurants: Indulge in the diverse culinary scene. Try seafood at waterfront restaurants, savor Southern-inspired dishes, and explore food trucks and local markets.
  7. Art Galleries in Alys Beach: Explore the art scene in Alys Beach, known for its unique architecture and art installations. Visit galleries showcasing local and international artists.
  8. Paddleboarding in Choctawhatchee Bay: Try paddleboarding in the calm waters of Choctawhatchee Bay. Rentals are available, and it’s a great way to enjoy the water while getting a bit of exercise.
  9. Live Music at The Hub 30A: Check out The Hub 30A for live music, food trucks, and a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a hub of entertainment with a variety of events happening throughout the year.
  10. Golf at Camp Creek Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the Camp Creek Golf Club, a picturesque course that challenges players with its design and offers stunning views of the Gulf.

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