Sep 8

My Favorite Household Cleaning Products

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dish brush

Dish Soap – I like this one and dawn is great too- both okay to use on marble.

Scrub Daddy Sponge – for cleaning dishes

Glass Surface Spray – I have actually used this on tough carpet stains and it works! a tip I learned from my builder.

Disinfectant spray – clean and safe for kids & pets

Microfiber clothes– I like to use these to dust and clean countertops

Marble/stone cleaner

Wood Floor cleaner

Collapsible cleaning bucket.

wood floor mop

Costo Wipes – I use these multi0ple times a day. not only on my kids but just cleaning little messes, spot treating stains on furniture or getting stubborn dirt spots of the floor.

Magic Eraser– my go to for so much. I use this to clean our white doors, stubborn stains on white leather shoes,

Folex– my of to stain remover. I use this on our uphoulsry stains, clothing stains, I will use to clean my sneakers and outdoor furniture.

Cleaning Rubber Gloves– gotta protect that manicure!

Shower Spray – use with this scrubber

Fabric refresher

Empty Clear Glass Spray bottle – I use these labels.


wool dryer balls

laundry detergent – this is the most AMAZING smelling laundry soap. I use a capful and add in with an unscented pod to really get the most of the Diva wash. A little goes along way.

Fabric Stain Brush – gentle brush to remove stubborn stains on clothing. Remember to brush with the grain of the fabric.


Dyson Vacuum – for hard floors & carpet/rugs/stairs

Handheld vac – for small clean ups

Little Green Machine – great for tough stains on upholstery, rugs, carpet.


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