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2021 Gift Guides

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Dyson hair dryer // NuFace kit // Charlotte Tilbury mini lip set // Living Proof Dry Shampoo set // Robe // Pill case // Beis cosmetic bag // Tanning drops // Olaplex hair care set // Facial steamer // Gypsy perfume

Dyson hair dryer Dyson just released their new limited edition set and It’s a must try! Great gift for any lady who loves the blow out look

NuFace kit I love my NuFace! It’s such an easy tool to use while laying in bed before you go to bed at night! It is also super effective

Charlotte Tilbury mini lip set This mini lip kit is so good for a stocking stuffer! I love the pillow talk shade and use It quite often, also the lip liner is the best!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo set What a great deal on these two dry shampoo bottles! I go through these so fast so I definitely recommend gifting the set!

Robe Any beauty lover needs a robe. This robe is super soft + this color is so perfect- I am neutrals obsessed. It also comes in several other colors!

Pill case If you know a beauty lover you probably know they take many supplements and vitamins! This pill case is so cute to give as a gift!

Beis cosmetic bag Every lady needs a cute cosmetic travel bag! This bag is a great size that can hold so many Items! I love Beis products!

Tanning drops I can’t go without my sunless tanning, especially in the winter. These drops are also great for a stocking stuffer

Olaplex hair care set I am obsessed with Olaplex! Nordstrom created this awesome gift set and at a great price! This will definitely sell out

Facial steamer Facial Steaming at home has become a new favorite thing of mine. It definitely gives you that at home spa experience that every beauty lover should enjoy!

Gypsy perfume Hands down this is my favorite perfume. This has been on my Christmas list every year for the past three years! I recommend It to everyone!



Nespresso // Estelle glasses // Sandals // Dyson // Decanter // Pillow cases // White pitcher // Candle // Shaker // Book // Blanket // Diffuser // Ice maker

Nespresso I typically add this to at least one gift guide a year because It truly is an amazing gift for any coffee lover!

Estelle glasses If you know a wine lover, these stemless glasses are such a nice to gift to give to them! They are super chic and come in a few different colors!

Sandals A great sandal to keep your feet warm if you wear them throughout the house!

Dyson This would make a great gift for absolutely any adult! I love our Dyson, It has really changed vacuuming for me (I used to never want to vacuum).

Decanter A decanter is not only useful but great for decoration, I love our decanters!

Pillow cases I feel like every year I always put a silk pillow case on my gift guide, however I came across this one this year and I love how cozy It looks!

White pitcher Another super cute gift for any home owner!

Candle Candles are always something I love to receive as a gift! I think this one is super fun and can be used as decoration after It burns out!

Shaker I thought this cocktail shaker was super cute! A great gift for any home owner!

Book This book is not only pretty as a coffee table book, Its also pretty interesting to read/ look through!

Blanket I think it’s so nice to give a customized item as a gift. This custom blanket is so cute!

Diffuser This diffuser truly makes my entire house smell amazing. I always get asked whats that smell when people are over because It really carries throughout the entire house!

Ice maker This ice maker is the perfect gift for anyone with a bar area in their home!



Wine bottle chiller // Catchall // Mittens // Candle // Phone Case // Sweatshirt // Blanket // Book // Hat // Sandals // Soap

Wine bottle chiller Such a great idea to make a wine bottle chiller! I love this gift for any wine drinker!

Catchall I think catchalls are so cute sitting on the counter top, I think this marble one is perfect for anyone!

Mittens these look like the softest mittens I have ever seen, plus they are flip top mittens! I might have to buy these for myself!

Candle this is one of my favorite candles, you really can’t go wrong gifting a candle to anyone!

Phone Case I always get questions about my phone case so I included It in my gift guide this year. It would make a great gift for your mom, sister or friend!

Sweatshirt I don’t know about everyone else but I love a graphic hoodie! I think you can’t go wrong with a neutral colored hoodie as a gift!

Blanket A comfy blanket can really make anyone happy, this one is also super cute!

Book A great gift for any home decor lovers!

Hat the sherpa trend is so in this year, this hat looks so comfy to wear for the fall and winter!

Sandals another pair of my favorite sandals to wear around the house, so soft and comfy!

Soap this soap smells so good and would go well with anyones bathroom decor!



Pullover // Trinket box // Lip gloss // Good Vibes sign // Photo Printer // Beanie // Slippers // Bracelets // Perfume // Skincare Set

Pullover This pullover looks incredibly soft, great gift for anyone really!

Trinket box I think this trinket box is so cute for decor on a girls nightstand, they can put their earrings or rings in It at night!

Lip gloss This is the age I became obsessed with lip gloss! I think these colors are very neutral for any girl!

Good Vibes sign This sign is so fun! I have seen some things like this on pinterest for younger girls, I may get something like this for Sutton in the next few years!

Photo Printer This is so nice to have instead of having to print out your photos at a store and go pick them up!

Beanie Beanies are so popular during the fall and winter, you can’t go wrong with this gift!

Slippers Super common gift but a really good one!

Bracelets this bracelet set is so cute! Perfect gift for stocking!

Perfume Teenage girls love perfume! These scents are also gender neutral so you can’t go wrong when picking one!

Skincare Set This is such a great gift to get teenagers started on their skin care!



Cookbook // Ankle weights // Utensils // Wool & Cashmere spray // Steamer // Tea towels // Jewelry tray // Slippers // Sandals // Face roller // Coffee mug

Cookbook a cookbook can be used not only for cooking but as home decor! Great gift for the foodie!

Ankle weights great gift for the active friend/ family member in your life!

Utensils this utensils set is super cute! Everyone can always use more serving ware!

Wool & Cashmere spray such a simple gift but definitely a game changer for laundry time!

Steamer Love this facial steamer! It makes my at home spa nights feel so real! And Its currently on sale!

Tea towels I thought these were too cute not to include! They are so fun, might gift these to my mom!

Jewelry tray Okay I love this! I think It would be so cute sitting on a night stand or dresser, great gift for the jewelry lover!

Slippers another common gift that you just can’t go wrong with! Plus they look incredibly soft!

Sandals some of my favorite summer time sandals but also good sandals to wear around the house on the hardwood floors!

Face roller great stocking stuffer for the beauty lover + It works wonders when you have headaches!

Coffee mug I love finding cute travel mugs to gift! This one is perfect for the business woman in your life!



Boots // Ice Cream shop toy // Bike toy // Jacket // Rainbow stacker toy // Pizza set toy // Kitchen set

Boots these boots are so cute! Great gift for when the snow comes!

Ice Cream shop toy We got this for Greyson a while ago and he still plays with It now!

Bike toy Great gift to get your baby to start walking + it’s under $50!

Jacket This looks so warm! Wish they carried It in my size.

Rainbow stacker toy just got these for Harrison! He loves them because he can also chew on them as they are made of silicone!

Pizza set toy Our kids love to play with these toys at our house! Super cute gift!

Kitchen set I love how cute and real this kitchen set looks! Awesome splurge worthy gift!


For Him

Charging Tray // Power Washer // Fire Pit // Cloud sneakers // Nike Sneakers // Craft Cocktail kit // Mug // Ladder set // Cooler

Charging Tray I think this charging is perfect for a guy gift. I feel like Michael always throws his stuff down so this is nice for him to be able to throw his phone and other Items on!

Power Washer Michael just got this power washer and he is obsessed with using It! Great gift for new home owners also!

Fire Pit This fire pit looks so nice and comes with a cover for when not in use!

Cloud sneakers These sneakers are not only good for working our or running but they are also comfortable for everyday wear.

Nike Sneakers Cute sneakers for every day outfits!

Craft Cocktail kit Great stocking stuffer for any one who loves to make drinks!

Mug This mug is super nice and durable, we have a few of these and they are practically all Michael uses.

Ladder set got this for Michael a few years back and he loves them. I get asked about them quite a bit, they are nice because they store easily.

Cooler Every guy needs a rolling cooler! Great gift for a new home owner as well.



Cooking Book // Blue light glasses // Stove Top simmer // Porter to-go cup // Customizable cup // Soap bars // Candle // Fruit & Veggies Huggers // Acrylic Display

Cooking Book this book is great for anyone with a busy schedule as the book is full of throw It together recipes!

Blue light glasses Cute blue light blocker glasses to gift anyone who is working on their computer or phone throughout most of the day!

Stove Top simmer I saw this and immediately thought of my Kid’s teachers this year! I like to think outside the box and this is different than going with a candle like I usually do.

Porter to-go cup another great gift for anyone with a busy schedule who takes their coffee or food with them!

Customizable cup I love to give a customized gift to a teacher or coworker.

Soap bars can’t go wrong with soap bars, plus they are super cute!

Candle I love receiving candles so I always recommend giving candles as a thoughtful inexpensive gift!

Fruit & Veggies Huggers love these huggers! I definitely am going to get these to gift to people!

Acrylic Display great gift for teachers so they can put It on their desk!



Wine preserver // Custom photo art // Serving bowl // Towel warmer // Pots & pans // Carafe set // Warming mug set // White & black marble carafes // Custom Calendar

Wine preserver a great gift for any wine drinker!

Custom photo art this custom framed photo is so cute for any grandparent especially since you can add a personalized message to It as well!

Serving bowl this serving bowl is very cute and a great gift for the parents or in-laws who love to host!

Towel warmer my mom got Michael and I this last year for Christmas and It is still one of the best gifts ever, the kids love when I make their towels warm after a shower!

Pots & pans some of you asked for a couple big gift ideas for your parents and I think this is the perfect gift! This set is so nice and lasts a long time!

Carafe set I thought this gift was nice because they can be used not only for hosting but for someone who likes to make their own juices!

Warming mug set such a great gift for coffee drinker!

White & black marble carafes love that these carafes come with a lid!

Custom Calendar This is so cute and thoughtful for a grandparent!



Pajama set // Lip mask // Monopoly game // Nail polish // Nespresso // Pillow spray // Electric kettle // Socks // Body Wrap // Gua Sha set // Slippers // Blanket

Pajama set This pajama set is one of my favorites! I love how soft and comfy It is, and It comes in several colors!

Lip mask I love lip masks, they leave my lips so soft and clean. This would be a great stocking stuffer

Monopoly game When I think of being cozy at home I think of a lazy day playing cards or board games with family!

Nail polish I am neutral obsessed, these neutral colors are so cute!

Nespresso This coffee maker is hands down my favorite, it is so convenient to have at home!

Pillow spray I love these sprays! I typically spray them on my bathrobes for that at home spa feel!

Electric kettle This kettle is so nice, the perfect gift for the hot water with lemon or tea drinker.

Socks Cozy days at home can’t be complete without warm fuzzy socks!

Body Wrap I want this body wrap for when I have sore muscles!

Gua Sha set Gua Shas have so many benefits, a great gift for anyone!

Slippers Perfect gift for anyone!

Blanket You can’t go wrong gifting a blanket- especially this blanket!



Mama necklace // Initial necklace // Custom necklace // Initial studs // Eve ring // Olive ring // Satin sleep kit // Tumbler // Phone charm // Eye mask // Candle

Mama necklace great gift for the new mom in your life!

Initial necklace a meaningful gift for any mom, grandma or adult in your life.

Custom necklace These necklaces are so popular as you can customize up to 5 different letters!

Initial studs These studs are so cute! You can purchase two different letters to gift for first & last initial.

Eve ring One of my favorite rings we have in the shop, so cute stacked with other rings too!

Olive ring a beautiful ring that looks amazing stacked with the eve ring.

Satin sleep kit this is a great gift for any co-worker, teacher, or friend!

Tumbler These tumblers would make great stocking stuffers!

Phone charm another great stocking stuffer! Also a great gift for teenagers.

Eye mask this eye mask is super comfy! Great gift for a teacher!

Candle you can never go wrong when gifting a candle! I love the smell of this one!


Sunglasses // Pots & Pans // Hat // Shawl // Gloves // Card wallet // Travel bag // Watch // Channel purse // Perfume // Mules // Slides // Tote

Sunglasses I am obsessed with the frame of these!

Pots & Pans These colors are so cute together, I think these would look great in my kitchen!

Hat This color is so good for fall!

Shawl this shawl looks so warm, It would be so cute worn with jeans and a white long sleeve!

Gloves I love the style of these gloves, definitely asking Michael to get me these.

Card wallet the pattern on this wallet is fun!

Travel bag this item is number 1 on my list, I have so many travel bags but this one will be a keeper!

Watch this watch is beautiful!

Channel purse one of my next designer bags I hope to get!

Perfume I love collecting perfumes! I got to smell this one recently in store and It smells amazing!

Mules I have been wanting these mules in this color for a very long time!

Slides love these slides! This color is my favorite ever!

Tote This shearling style on totes is so popular! I love this style for the winter.



Joggers // Ice molds // Beanie // Sneakers // Car freshener // Bluetooth speaker // Sunglasses // Water bottle // Coffee mug // Vest

Joggers Michael loves these joggers, I recommend them for any guy at any age, they are so comfy!

Ice molds great gift for the bourbon or scotch drinker!

Beanie Michael’s favorite beanie!

Sneakers these sneakers are on Michaels wish list!

Car freshener I think this car freshener is great for any guys car, It is simple and won’t stand out!

Bluetooth speaker You can never go wrong with a bluetooth speaker for any guy at any age!

Sunglasses I love these frames! Great gift for any guy!

Water bottle stocking stuffer idea!

Coffee mug Michael has several of these and he loves using them, they keep his coffee hot for a long time!

Vest another item on Michaels wish list!



Mama sweatshirt // Dry shampoo // Bracelet // Mama Bag // Hat // Wine tumbler // Mama necklace // Customizable mug // Calm salt // Sunglasses // Polaroid camera // Slippers

Mama sweatshirt I love this mama sweatshirt! Any new mama will love this!

Dry shampoo great gift as the new mama may be too tired to wash her hair!

Bracelet another cute sentimental gift for any mom!

Mama Bag all moms need a big tote to throw all their stuff in, this one is super cute!

Hat love the color and saying on this hat!

Wine tumbler what mom doesn’t need one of these? Great gift to help a mom de-stress

Mama necklace this necklace is the most popular necklace from my shop! Its so cute and layers great!

Customizable mug this is such a fun gift for anyone! I did this a couple years ago for my mom and dad!

Calm salt bath salts to help the mom relax while taking a bath!

Sunglasses these sunglasses are so cute, I love that they are oversized so they can hide my eyes!

Polaroid camera this is great to have when you have a new born, there are so many fun moments to capture!

Slippers another great way to help the new mama relax!



Scalp scrubber // Portable bowl // Clean key // Beanie // Jewelry case // Body lotion // Hair claws // Body brush // Socks // Pill case // Eye masks

Scalp scrubber unique gift to put in someones stocking! 

Portable bowl this brand makes the most durable to go products, this would be great to gift a college student!

Clean key I have one of these and they definitely come in handy especially while traveling!

Beanie super cute beanie that is under $30!

Jewelry case I love this jewelry case! Super cute design and perfect to take on vacations!

Body lotion the best smelling lotion, an amazing gift for any adult in your life!

Hair claws These hair claws are super cute and trendy, great stocking stuffer for any girl!

Body brush I want one of these body brushes so bad! 

Socks this is a great time of year to gift socks in stockings!

Pill case most pill cases can be pretty boring, this one is super cute and would fit perfect in a stocking!

Eye masks great stocking stuffer for the beauty lover!



Hat // Jewelry dish // Customizable bags // Bubble candle // Jewelry case // Hat clip // Custom necklace // Sweatshirt

Hat super cute baseball cap! Great gift for the hat lover!

Jewelry dish this personalized jewelry dish is so cute, would make a great gift for any woman!

Customizable bags love these bags, perfect for teenagers or younger girls!

Bubble candle this candle is so cute and different than most candles, definitely a great gift to give!

Hat clip this is the best thing ever, I have a hat clip and I love mine, so convenient!

Custom necklace super sweet way to give a personalized gift!

Sweatshirt this sweatshirt is so cute! I think I may get this for my neice!



Tent // Activity chair // Bear // Chair // Activity table // Balls // Baby walker // Teething charm

Tent This tent is so cute! My kids would love to have this in their rooms to play in!

Activity chair Such a great gift for a baby to sit in, play and learn!

Bear All kids love stuffed animals! This one looks so soft.

Chair I think this chair would be so cute in any kids room.

Activity table We just got this for Harrison and he loves It, even Greyson likes to play with It!

Balls These balls are a super cute small gift to give any toddler.

Baby walker Perfect gift for any baby learning to walk!

Teething charm This gift would be perfect for any baby and or kid that is teething!



Blanket // Soap // Champagne stopper // Decanter // Wine bottle chiller // Wine glasses // Candle wick trimmer // Coffee mugs // Candle // Room spray // Marble wine bottle cooler

Blanket this is a super cute throw that can match anyones home decor!

Soap this soap and lotion duo is my favorite, we have this in our powder bath!

Champagne stopper this is such a unique Item, I would definitely gift this during the holidays!

Decanter Decanters are not only useful but they make cute bar decor!

Wine bottle chiller I have this wine bottle chiller and I take It with us every time we go to a party! Its amazing

Wine glasses These are my favorite wine glasses, great gift for a new home owner!

Candle wick trimmer Simple gift but so cute used as decor in a home!

Coffee mugs Everyone needs coffee mugs, these ones are our favorite!

Candle You can’t go wrong gifting a candle to anyone!

Room spray This smells amazing! Wonderful gift to give a party host!

Marble wine bottle cooler This wine bottle chiller is super cute, the marble is totally my style!



Patterned coat // Boots // White golden goose // Black golden goose // Shawl // YSL bag // Black jeans // Tan coat // YSL wallet // Givenchy bag // Beanie

Patterned coat The pattern on this coat is beautiful! I need It!

Boots These boots are so cute, the heel is so different than other styles!

White golden goose I always have golden goose sneakers are my wishlist, I love the style of this pair!

Black golden goose I have always wanted a black style of golden goose sneakers! Plus these are on sale!

Shawl This shawl is so cute! It also looks so warm!

YSL bag I love the puffed detail on this YSL bag! Definitely want this!

Black jeans I love a good pair of black denim jeans!

Tan coat I am definitely putting this on my wishlist for Michael! Love the color of this coat

YSL wallet The color of this wallet is beautiful! I love It to match all the fall colors!

Givenchy bag I love my tan Givenchy bag so much I think I need this black one too!

Beanie I love wearing a beanie in the fall and winter to dress up my outfit, this one looks so soft!



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