Nov 12

2020 Gift Guide: For the Homebody

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Sharing my second gift guide of the season! This is always one of my favorites to make because I am the ultimate homebody! I have rounded up what I think would make for the best gifts for any homebody like me! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Barefoot Dreams Socks | Barefoot Dreams Blanket | Microwave Popcorn Popper | Oil Diffuser | Match Cloche | Mug |

Wick Trimmer | Candle Snuffer | Lounge Set (here to0) | Pink Pine Candle | Slippers | Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish


Barefoot Dreams Socks | Hands down the best cozy sock on the market! I have been giving these as gifts for years! They make for great stocking stuffer items too.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket | Barefoot Dreams clearly makes the best products. Their blanket is cozy, stretchy and warm. Any homebody needs this blanket to wrap up with on the couch!

Microwave Popcorn Popper | I shared this last year and it was a hit!

Oil Diffuser | I run my oil diffuser almost daily. Just like lighting a candle. I come home and turn on my oil diffuser. This would make a great gift!

Match Cloche | How gorgeous are these match cloche’s? I have a set on my coffee table next to my favorite candle.

Mug | Who doesn’t love a cute mug?

Wick Trimmer & Candle Snuffer | These are two items someone might not know they need! A wick trimmer keeps your candles properly trimmed for a clean, even burn. Trim wicks to 1/4 before lighting for an even and clean burn, once the wax has pooled to the edges of the vessel, Extinguish your wick with our candle snuffer.

Lounge Set (here to0) | This is a super cozy, comfy lounge set!

Pink Pine Candle | Love this delicately tapered shape and shiny gold base! The pink pink has notes of pine, amber, and sweet melon.

Slippers | Cozy slippers make for a great gift! These are my current favorite pair and are a great price point!

Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish | I love this exfoliating body scrub! Smells amazing and leaves your skin silky smooth after just one use




***GIVEAWAY*** I am giving away a barefoot dreams blanket and a pair of barefoot dreams socksWinner can choice the color!

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  1. This is one of the best gift guides I’ve seen this season! We’re all at home much more this year, and we need all the cozy things! Entered for giveaway!
    IG: @tarynterrell

  2. Hi Becky! Thanks for posting this giveaway. I’ve followed you for so long now – love seeing a fellow KC gal absolutely crushing it. Cheers!
    Insta: @_kaylacarroll_
    Email: Kayla.carroll@hotmail.vom

  3. Ig handle – janeofhearts

    I’m a major homebody, love 🤍🤍🤍 all the gift ideas, a little too much for myself 😉

  4. Ig handle – janeofhearts
    Major homebody, love all the gift ideas, maybe a little too much for myself 😉

  5. I’m so thankful for your content and posts!!

    ig: @kelseamachado

  6. Such a great gift guide! Needed inspo. Received inspo ❤️ @kmsoto11

  7. I am LOVING these gift guides. I never know what to get for people during the holidays and these are so helpful!

  8. Love following you because you have the best style, but also the sweetest family!!!
    I dream of owning a barefoot dreams blanket! Thanks for the chance at one!!

  9. LOVE the gift guides, they are life savers. Barefoot dreams socks are a must for stockings

  10. Homebody here & I need alll the things! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Sending to my husband for gift inspo. 😆

  11. Would love to win the barefoot dreams blanket & socks!!

  12. Love your blog and Instagram! I bought the baby barefoot dreams blanket for my daughter when she was born and would love to win one for myself. They are so soft! My Instagram is @sivilizedsummer

  13. Maddiekerkove is my Instagram handle! my email is thank you so much for doing these giveaways I have always dreamed of getting a barefoot dreams! You are my favorite blogger and such an inspiration

  14. Madison Kerkove my email is thank you so much for doing these giveaways I have always dreamed of getting a barefoot dreams! You are my favorite blogger and such an inspiration

  15. Love this gift guide! I always wanted a barefoot dreams blanket. IG handle: brandie.p78

  16. Insta – @addie_cain
    Love these ideas! I’ve been wanting to get my mom a barefoot dreams blanket for years!

  17. Your gift guides give me so much inspiration every year! Reeeeally wanting a barefoot dreams blanket!

  18. Oops forgot to add my
    IG handle for barefoot blanket giveaway
    IG: ely_1103

  19. @melissalombardojain
    Also! Can you please tell me where you got the green puffer jacket? I’m obsessed but the like to know it link isn’t working for me. Thanks!

  20. Our babes are days apart in age and I’ve been wishing for a barefoot dream blanket to wrap her up in and take beautiful pictures with (just like you!)

    Crossing our fingers!

    Rachael and Baby Farrah (@rachgirlll)

  21. I would love the barefoot dreams blanket & socks!! Perfect for a cozy winter ❄️ @tayybadger

  22. I love love barefoot dreams! My cardigan is my absolute favorite and I would love to have a blanket and socks 🤍🤍 email:
    Ig: jay_quel_len

  23. Excited to be following you on here now too! your content is amazing 🤩

  24. I’ve been following your account for years! Always such great content! I just got my first barefoot dreams piece during the nordys sale this year and am wondering why it took me so long! Obsessed to say the least. Thanks for all the amazing posts/recommendations!
    Ig: aurora.elmurr

  25. MrsJillHill is my Insta name. I always want the Barefoot blanket in the Nsale and always sells out before I can!! I also love all the Men inspo lately on your posts! Thanks for the great gift ideas this year

  26. These are great picks!! BFD items are SO nice…they make me feel like a princess!

  27. Blanket Giveaway!
    Need this for winter time baby snuggles!

  28. I absolutely love Barefoot Dreams blankets and cardigans! I have two cardigans and two blankets! I have to travel with one of my cardigans always! And I love your style and blog! Thanks for all your ideas and recommendations! Instagram acct: aprildawn_bryant

  29. Hi!! Absolutely love you style…and love watching your stories on IG…you and your family are so wonderful!
    IG: esther8586
    (I’ve never won anything like this…hope I get lucky🤞🏻).

  30. Love all your content! Your gift guides are on point! I also used your hospital bag blog post as my checklist for when I had my baby girl! 💗 loved all your recommendations!

  31. Insta: kiersten_timmer
    Thanks for posting the best guides! I’d happily take it all as I hibernate this winter!

  32. I just love your blog!! Thanks for the giveaways. My handle is @allisonwatts

  33. I love your blog so much!! My handle is @allisonwatts . Thank you!!

  34. @_tinazaks

    Love your blog! This post is super helpful and I’m totally going to use this for some of my homebody friends.

  35. I think a BFD blanket is on everyone’s wishlist. I have been wanting one from a very long time. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  36. Signing up for your barefoot dreams giveaway!

    IG: @amandaleighlogan

  37. I have been wanting this blanket for so long! Looks so cozy!
    My Instagram is @fashionlyso

  38. Love your style and you’ve got the sweetest family. Job well done!

  39. I’ve been eyeing the Barefoot blanket for awhile now! Find me on Instagram at LauraTysonTerry.

  40. Not sure how I haven’t already subscribed! I always check your blog! But I just officially subscribed! Happy Holidays to you and your family, Becky!

  41. I don’t “take care” of my candles but I’d love to know how I should.

  42. I always love your gift guides but this one is my favorite as a fellow homebody! Snagging those slippers and mug <3. Congratulations on your baby boy, he is perfect!

    p.s. entered the giveaway!