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What I Am Packing In My Hospital Bag (3rd Time around)

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With baby boy’s arrival date getting closer I am starting to put together our hospital bags! This is our 3rd time around so it is easier than the first & even the second. I’ve had both things I wished I had and things I did not need with both of my other deliveries & hospital stays, so I’ve got the essentials & my personal preferences down this time!




The hospital provides basically everything else you need. No need to pack all of the “postpartum essentials” — they will have all of that for you (as well as a ton of stuff for the baby). I did put together a postpartum kit to have ready-to-go for when we get home from the hospital. I shared each of these over on my instagram stories (which I also saved to a highlight reel), but will link all of the products here as well!



I also packed some “Nurse Care Baskets” as a small thank you for the care the labor and delivery nurses provide during our stay. I made two separate baskets– one for the day shift and the other for evening.


What I Have for Baby So Far

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  1. Hi Becky,
    For your diaper bag, did you end up buying the Caraa Cirrus Backpack or the actual Caraa diaper bag? They look really similar and I’m not sure which one to get. Thanks!