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What I Am Packing In My Hospital Bag (3rd Time around)

September 1, 2020

With baby boy’s arrival date getting closer I am starting to put together our hospital bags! This is our 3rd time around so it is easier than the first & even the second. I’ve had both things I wished I had and things I did not need with both of my other deliveries & hospital stays, so I’ve got the essentials & my personal preferences down this time!




The hospital provides basically everything else you need. No need to pack all of the “postpartum essentials” — they will have all of that for you (as well as a ton of stuff for the baby). I did put together a postpartum kit to have ready-to-go for when we get home from the hospital. I shared each of these over on my instagram stories (which I also saved to a highlight reel), but will link all of the products here as well!



I also packed some “Nurse Care Baskets” as a small thank you for the care the labor and delivery nurses provide during our stay. I made two separate baskets– one for the day shift and the other for evening.


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