Maternity Must Haves 3rd Trimester

July 25, 2020

Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm // Body Pillow // Leopard Lounge Set // Clarifying Masque // Racerback Nursing Bra // Nude Nursing Bra // Organic Nipple Butter // Water Bottle // Slide Slippers // Black Nightshirt // Belly Support Tank Top // Align Joggers // Align Leggings // Belly Band // Bath Soak // Maternity Leggings // Maternity Leggings // Massage Gun

How am I already into my third trimester!?  It’s funny that once I hit 28 weeks, I mean like literally to the day, I started feeling exhausted.  It’s similar to the first trimester tiredness. Also, my lower back pain flared up right when I hit my third trimester. So today I wanted to share  a few things that have helped me get through this stage of pregnancy.

I also have this strong urge to stay home, clean and prepare for her arrival. Literally, I don’t want to do much these days and I am perfectly ok with being a homebody. One thing that has really helped me with this big belly is smaller meals and lots of snacking. In fact, my biggest meal is lunch and then I will graze at night. It helps with heartburn, sleeping and my overall comfort level.

Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm // for pregnancy insomia… wake up your eyes with the cooling and brightening balm. I throw one in my purse for a mid day pick me up.

Body Pillow // I literally would surround myself in 5 pillows before I got this body pillow. I needed one behind my back, one to hold and one between my legs for lower back pain. this one is amazing and took place of all my pillows.

Leopard Lounge Set // A nice soft and stretch lounge set that works with the bump and for after pregnancy.

Clarifying Masque // I’m trying to do a little pampering each night. bc when baby gets here there will be little time for that. This mask feels so good and is safe to use while pregnany and nursing

Racerback Nursing Bra // I am starting to order a bunch of nursing must haves. Bra being #1. I like the racer back on these to wear with tanks.

Nude Nursing Bra // Another style of nursing bra I loved when nursing greyson. This is the nursing bra I would sleep in.

Organic Nipple Butter // Another nursing staple. My nipples get so sore right in the beginning so having a clean, organic, nipple cream right away will be essential.

Water Bottle // I always have a water bottle right by my side. I drink so much ice water during pregnancy and this is good to keep my hydrating with I am nursing.

Slide Slippers // Slippers are a must! I take a pair to the hospital too!

Black Nightshirt // Nursing friendly sleep shirt – that I can wear now and use when baby is here

Belly Support Tank Top // this tank has a built-in belly support helps alleviate the pressure of baby weight!

Massage Gun // This massage gun is amazing. I look forward to my mini massage every night. Michael will do my feet, legs and back and it feels sooo good. Literally worth every  penny and saves me from having to get a massage multiple times.

Align Joggers // you guys know much much I love my align pants. I literally wear the joggers, leggings and biker shorts on repeat. These are soft stretchy and work with the bump!

Align Leggings //

Belly Band // So right when I hit my third trimesst I had horrible lower back pain- to the point I could barely walk at night. So I got this belly band to try out. I was so skeptical but it worked wonders! My back pain is pretty much gone!

Bath Soak // Bath soak also helped with my sore muscles and joints!

Maternity Leggings // If you havent tried on a pair of maternity leggings they are really comfortable When I first saw them I thought it looks like so much fabric, but when i actually tired them on and wore they, it;s really comfortable, compressing and gives some added support!

Maternity Leggings

Bio Skincare Oil  //  great for stretch marks, dry skin and scars!


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